2019 Optometry Video Catalog

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ICBO 2018

COVD General Session: Training for the optometric practitioner
Item Code: COV-181
Bridging Developmental Principles and Neurology of the Visual System for Better Patient Outcomes by Curtis Baxstrom, OD, and Jason Clopton, OD
Item Code: COV-181
Vision and Learning with a Perceptual Emphasis by Lynn Hellerstein, OD and Nancy Torgerson, OD
Item Code: COV-181
COVD Practice Management Education: Insurance and Practice Growth
Item Code: COV-181
Vision Therapist Education: Treating Stroke and Strabismus Patients
Item Code: COV-181
How to Incorporate Vision Therapy into a General Practice and PLAN for Success by Wanda Vaughn, OD
Item Code: COV-181
  • 47th COVD Conference Videos
    1. Optometric Management of Patients with Acquired Brain Injury and Concussion by Curtis Baxstrom, OD, FCOVD
    2. 47th COVD General Education Lectures
    3. Vision Therapy 101 by Maura Massucci and Tom Headline
    4. Vision and Learning: Visual Evaluation and Successful Vision Therapy Treatment by Lynn F. Hellerstein, OD and Nancy Torgerson, OD
    5. Practice Management by Richard Laudon, OD and Patrick Pirotte, OD
    6. Integrating Sensory and Motor in Vision Therapy through Reflex Foundations by Alexandar Andrich, OD and Patricia L. Andrich, COVT
    7. Therapeutic Use of Prism in Vision Therapy and Monocular, Bi-ocular, Binocular, and Yoked Prism Activity Workshop by Jennifer S. Simonson, OD and Cami Dowis COVT
  • 46th COVD Conference Videos
    1. General Education Lectures
    2. Acquired Brain Injury by Allen Cohen and Neera Kapoor
    3. Strabismus and Amblyopia by Robert Sanet
    4. The Power of Lenses: Assessment and Treatment by Kellye Knueppel and Brenda Heinke Montecalvo
    5. Vision Therapy 201 by Robert Nurisio and Jessica Stevens
    6. Practice Management "Journey to Financial Independence" by Richard Laudon and Patrick Pirotte
    7. Vision Therapists Education Session: Vision Therapy Infused with Central/Peripheral Integration by Phil Bugaiski and Michelle Beatty
    8. Vision Therapy Education: Balance Boards by Derek Tong and Jules Petteruto
  • 44th COVD Conference Videos
    1. 45th COVD General Education Session Videos
    2. Visual Information Acquisition by Robert Sanet
    3. Practice Management Workshop by Mark Wright, OD
    4. Vision Therapist Education Session by Brad Habermehl
    5. Visionary Team Approach by Nancy Torgerson, OD
  • 44th COVD Conference Videos
    1. 44th COVD General Session
    2. COVD Acquired Brain Injury By Cathy Stern, OD
    3. Vision Therapist Education Session by Carole Burns, OD and Jessica Stevens, COVT
    4. Visionary Team Approach By Nancy Torgerson, OD
  • 43rd COVD Conference Videos
    1. 43rd COVD General Education Lectures
    2. Strabismus and Amblyopia by David Cook
    3. Vision Therapy 101 By Tom Headline, COVT and Jennifer Mullen, COVT
  • 42nd COVD Conference Videos
    1. 42nd COVD General Education Lectures
    2. COVD Visual Information Processing By Dr. Robert Sanet
    3. COVD Therapy Techniques By Dr. Maples and Dr. Peddle
    4. COVD Vision Development By Curtis Baxstrom, OD
    5. COVD Practice Management Workshop By Dr. Wanda Vaughn
    6. COVD Vision Therapy Education with Dr. Phil Bugaiski and Donna Osborne
  • 40th COVD Conference Videos
    1. Learning Related Vision Problems by Nancy Torgerson, OD
  • 39th COVD Conference Videos
    1. COVD 2009 Vision Therapy 201 by Linda Sanet, COVT
    2. COVD 2009 Fellowship Training by W. C. Maples, OD
  • 38th COVD Conference Videos
    1. Therapeutic Lens Prescribing by Kellye Knueppel and Brenda Heinke Motecalvo