Innovative Clinical Technology in Age Management Medicine - AMMG General Session

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FREE LECTURE: Free AMMG Sample - The Etiology of Aging is Now Understood By Leonard Hayflick


  1. Artificial Intelligence for Aging Biomarkers and Age Management Research by Ivan Ozerov, PhD
  2. Precision Medicine Innovations In the Digital Health Era by Florence Comite, MD
  3. Top 10 Genomic Markers and What to Do With Them by Michael Nova, MD
  4. Questions and Answers by Ivan Ozerov, PhD; Florence Comite, MD; and Michael Nova, MD
  5. Personalized Enhancement of Deep Sleep and Memory for Optimal Aging by Giovanni Santostasi, PhD
  6. A Precisionist Approach to Stem Cell Therapy by Drew DeMann, DC
  7. Blood Serum Transfusions for Aging Rejuvenation by Dipnarine Maharaj, MD
  8. Panel Discussion: Accelerating Innovation in Precision and Age Management Medicine by Giovanni Santostasi, PhD; Drew DeMann, DC; and Dipnarine Maharaj, MD
  9. High Dose Melatonin by Russel J. Reiter, PhD
  10. Peptides and Nutrients in Difficult to Treat Cases by Rebecca R. Murray, APRN
  11. Optimizing Testosterone Without Using Testosterone in Men by Edwin N. Lee, MD
  12. Gut-Brain Axis and Immune Modulatory Treatments: Restoring Gut Instinct by Kathy O'Neil-Smith, MD
  13. Brain, Memory, Dementia and How to Protect the Brain by Neal Rouzier, MD
  14. How to Assess and Enhance Cognitive Function, and Prevent Memory Loss by Steven C. Masley, MD
  15. Improving Cognitive High Performance: Cognitive Enhancement, Smart Drugs, Neuroplasticity, Brain Stimulators, Wearables, etc. by Paula Martin-Marfil, MD
  16. Molds and Mycotoxins: How they affect our brain and how to treat patients by Andrew W. Campbell, MD
  17. The Triad of Gut Destruction: The Dance of Diamine Oxidase, Zonulin, LPS and Dysbiosis by Cheryl Burdette, ND
  18. Sexual Enhancers by Michael L. Krychman, MD
  19. Female Sexual Interest Arousal Disorder by Michael L. Krychman, MD
  20. Coffee/Caffeine to Improved Health by Kenneth R. Thomas, MD
  21. Optimizing Male Hormonal Output Through the Triangle of Performance: Biochemistry, Exercise and Nutrition by Ali Gilbert
  22. What You Need to Know About Compounding by David J. Metayer
  23. To Pee or Not to Pee: That is the Question. An In-Depth Comparison of Urine, Serum and Saliva Testing by Stacy Hinz and Clifford Morris
  24. Use Medical Weight Loss To Expand Your Age Management Practice by Kimball Lundahl, DC
  25. The Spectacular Role of the Human Microbiome in Preventing Metabolic Endotoxemia, the Number One Cause of Mortality Worldwide by Kiran Krishan, Microbiologist
  26. Get The Most Out of Your Pharmaceutical Compounding, the FDA Registered 503B Approach: Patient Safety, Effective Therapies and Profitable Office Solutions by Confidence Ekeanyanwu, MS, and Dan Powell, BS
  27. NeuroRegenesis: Treating Memory Loss and the Aging Brain by A. J. Farshchian, MD

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. Hormone Use in the Clinical Setting
  2. Innovative Clinical Technology in Age Management Medicine - AMMG General Session
  3. Medical Uses of Marijuana, CBD, and Cannabis Derivatives for Aging and Age-Related Disorders and Disease

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