AMMG 2009 Spring General Session

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17 Lectures, 3 Full Days

  1. Assessment and Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome; Conventional and Integrative Strategies - Ellie W. Campbell, DO
  2. Metabolic Syndrome and the HPA-T Axis: Uncovering the Underlying Neuro-Endocrine Imbalances - R.W. 'Chip' Watkins, MD 
  3. Hormones and the Metabolic Syndrome: Evidence Based Use - Neal Rouzier, MD
  4. Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiac Health: Non Invasive Diagnosis, Evaluation and Risk Factors - Robert D. Willix, Jr., MD 
  5. Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiac Health: Nutrition and Supplementation (Vitamin D) - Derrick DeSilva, Jr., MD
  6. Telomeres, Telomerase, and Aging - William H. Andrews, PhD
  7. Hormone Testing and Follow Up: Saliva vs. Serum vs. Urine - Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG 
  8. Using a Compounding Pharmacy: How to Use It and is Regulated - Paul Hueseman, PharmD
  9. Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome - Timothy McKnight, MD
  10. Cenegenics - John Adams
  11. Insulin Resistance and Diabetes: Interventions to Halt The “Premature" Aging Process - Rebecca Murray, APRN, MSN, FNP
  12. Extended Glucose Control: Weight Control and Diabetes Management - Erin Lommen, ND
  13. Metabolic Syndrome Case Presentations and Discussion - Michale J. Barber, MD; Derrick DeSilva, Jr., MD; and Robert D. Willix, Jr., MD
  14. Hypnosis and Coping Strategies to Decrease Stress and Improve Body Functioning - Eva Szigethy, MD, PhD
  15. Exercise and Strength Training Protocols: Interventions for Metabolic Syndrome - Phillip Zinni, III, DO
  16. Common Musculoskeletal Injuries: New Treatment Options - Timothy McKnight, MD and Richard Hartzell
  17. Interpretation of VO2 Testing Case Presentation and Discussion - Steven Michael Villagomez, MEd

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Lecture Series: Age Management Medicine Group
Lecture Year: 2009
Lecture Season: Spring
Sku: AMG-091W

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