Syntonic Phototherapy 102

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FREE LECTURE: Seeing the Light: Syntonics in the Treatment of Acquired Brain Injury by Robert S Fox, OD, FCOVD


  1. Advances in Understanding the Autonomic Nervous System by Ray Gottlieb, OD, PhD
  2. Shedding Light on Brain Injuries by Robert S. Fox, OD
  3. Optometry and Concussion by Brenda H. Montecalvo, OD
  4. Advanced Clinical Applications of Syntonics by Larry Wallace, OD, PhD
  5. Exploring Narrow Band Frequency Instruments: Comparing and Contrasting with the Broad Frequency Syntonizer by Mary W. VanHoy, OD


Description: The Syntonic Phototherapy 102 Course is an advanced course to expand the knowledge gained from the basic 101 course. The latest scientific research is presented. The course reviews all the filters used in Syntonics, including the advanced filters. Case examples will be presented to illustrate these advanced filter combinations. Theoretical and practical information includes morphological or bio-typing for prescribing, analysis of color fields, endocrinology, and advanced concepts in understanding of the autonomic nervous system in treating with syntonics. Advanced applications presented are:

  • Heart rate variability and color
  • Postural restoration
  • Treating brain injury and clearing trauma
  • RAPDx: Rapid Pupil Diagnosis
  • Bio-photons and water
  • Aging and Syntonics
  • Ocular pathology

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. 87th CSO Conference General Session
  2. Syntonic Phototherapy 101
  3. Syntonic Phototherapy 102

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