ARP Regenerative Medicine Workshop

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FREE VIDEO: Regenerative Medicine: The Future of Medicine is Here by Kristin Comella


  1. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Autoimmune Diseases Mesenchymal Stem Cells Role in Treatment by John R. Roland, MD
  2. The Role of Nitric Oxide in Regenerative Medicine by Nathan S. Bryan, PhD
  3. Questions and Answers by John R. Roland, MD and Nathan S. Bryan, PhD
  4. Top Biohacks to Improve your Health and Increase your Lifespan by Joseph Mercola, DO
  5. Using the Pareto Principle for Consistently Excellent Outcomes in the Treatment of Pain of the Spine by Harry Adelson, ND
  6. Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women by Elizabeth Trattner
  7. FDA Regulation of Autologous Cellular Therapies by Todd Halpern, Esq
  8. Learn Anything Faster: Master your Mind and Memory by Jim Kwik
  9. Questions and Answers by Todd Halpern, Esq and Jim Kwik
  10. Integrative Regenerative Alzheimer's Protocol by Al Sears, MD
  11. Hydrogen: A Biologically Regenerative Molecule with Clinical Applications by Tyler W. LeBaron
  12. Who's the Bad Actor? by Mark Berman, MD, FACS
  13. Fat is your Friend: The KetoClean Lifestyle Method to Restoring Vibrant Health by Linda Huxtable, MD
  14. Quantitation of PRP Dosage: Comparative Yields of Different Preparation Methods by Ted Harrison, MD
  15. New Perspectives for Brazilian Patients and Stem Cell Therapy by Pablo Andrei Appelt
  16. Summary of Peer Reviewed Publications Using SVF by Kristin Comella, PhD
  17. Nutrients as Promising Therapeutic Candidates in the Restoration of Brain Function in NFL Players by Kristen Willeumier, PhD
  18. The Role of Stem Cells in Overcoming Diabetes by Vincent Depasquale, DC
  19. Protocol for Erectile Dysfunction: Low Intensity Shock Wave and Acellular Regenerative Treatments by Carlos Mercado, MD
  20. Top Ten Ways to Biohack Longevity by Ben Greenfield
  21. Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment with Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Comparing Bome Marrow, Fat Graft, and SVF by Erik Grana, MD
  22. The Medical Fitness Impact Plan: How to Reverse and Manage Chronic Disease and Body Degeneration while Building your Bottom Line by JR Burgess, MS
  23. The Latest in Live Cell Therapy by AJ Farshchian, MD
  24. A Business Guide to Implementing and Growing Your Regenerative Medicine Cash Practice by Christy Davies, MBA
  25. Reversal of Skin Necrosis Caused by Facial Artery Acclusion Induced by a Dermal Filler Using Platelet Rich Plasma by Francis E. Toscano, MD
  26. Practicing with Purpose by Matt Wallis, DC
  27. How to Build, Grow, and Scale a Cash Based Practice to Seven Figures and Beyond by Bob Mangat
  28. Veritas Bioactives: Create Beauty that Transforms the Soul by Devon Perry


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Goals and Ojbectives

The goal of this conference is to give you the tools necessary to implement regenerative medicine into your practice. The field of Regenerative Medicine is expanding at an exponential rate. Participants will receive a comprehensive review of cellular medicine and current techniques in the clinic. Participants will learn various cellular types and protocols for applying these to patients in the clinic for many different indications.

  • Understand the available research on regenerative treatments
  • Explain the biology of proper healing and the disease processes that impede proper healing
  • Assess several regenerative medicine solutions for treating chronic pain
  • Determine appropriate patient candidacy for stem cell treatments
  • Perform and evaluate platelet rich plasma for musculoskeletal tissues
  • Propose how stem cell therapies can be integrated into treatment protocols to enhance healing and affect chronic pain conditions
  • Compare different cell types and explain the differences
  • Describe regulatory environment of platelet rich plasma and autologous stem cell therapies

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