Sports Vision: Performance Vision Analysis, Concussion, and Hands-On Workshops for Sports Vision Training

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FREE LECTURE: Seeing the Light: Syntonics in the Treatment of Acquired Brain Injury by Robert S Fox, OD, FCOVD


  1. Welcome and Opening Remarks by Fred Edmunds, OD
  2. High Performance Vision Technology: Where We Were, Where We Are and Where We Are Going! by Donald Teig, OD, FAAO
  3. Performance Vision Analysis 2019 by Amanda Nanasy, OD
  4. How to Attract and Retain Patients/Clients in the Sports Optometry Segment by Fanny Rivera Pinzon, OD, MBA
  5. A Novel Test of Visual Function and its Relationship to Batting in Baseball by Daniel Laby, MD, FAAO
  6. Sports Vision Training: A Research Perspective by Greg Applebaum, PhD
  7. Recovering from my concussion: How Optometry is an Integral Part of the Recovery Care Team by Amanda Nanasy, OD
  8. Perceptual Training: Seeing More Information Per Unit Time and Slowing the Game Down by Carl Hillier, OD, FCOVD
  9. Getting Started in Sports Vision - Hands-On Workshop by Fred Edmunds, OD; Steve Hitzeman OD
  10. Concussion Testing and Therapy - Hands-On Workshop by Amanda Nanasy, OD, Charles Shidlofsky, OD, FCOVD, DeAnn Fitzgerald, OD
  11. Sports Vision Skills Enhancement - Hands-On Workshop by Carl Hillier, OD, FCOVD, Alex Andrich, OD, FCOVD Jarrod Davies, OD, FCOVD
  12. Sports Vision Grand Rounds Panel by ISVA Board and Conference Speakers


Join leading authorities in sports vision assessment and training along with other professionals. The ISVA conference provides up to 12 hours of continuing education (COPE approval pending) and includes both lecture style and workshop presentations, including opportunities for attendees to try various sports vision testing techniques and equipment under the guidance of experienced colleagues.

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  1. Sports Vision: Performance Vision Analysis, Concussion, and Hands-On Workshops for Sports Vision Training
  2. Sports Vision "Beyond 20/20" - How to build and enhance a sports vision specialty
  3. Brain Snap: Exploring the Visual Consequences of Concussion featuring Neera Kapoor
  4. Unlocking Athletic Performance
  5. Elevating Athletic Performance

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