COVD 2009 Vision Therapy 201 by Linda Sanet, COVT

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  1. Vision Therapy 201 Part 1 by Linda Sanet, COVT
  2. Vision Therapy 201 Part 2 by Linda Sanet, COVT
  3. Vision Therapy 201 Part 3 by Linda Sanet, COVT
  4. Vision Therapy 201 Part 4 by Linda Sanet, COVT
  5. Vision Therapy 201 Part 5 by Linda Sanet, COVT
  6. Vision Therapy 201 Part 6 by Linda Sanet, COVT
  7. Vision Therapy 201 Part 7 by Linda Sanet, COVT
  8. Vision Therapy 201 Part 8 by Linda Sanet, COVT


2009 Vision Therapy 201 on DigiVision :: 2 Full Days

Vision Therapy 201- Binocularity from A to Z
Anatomy, physiology, neurology of binocularity, what is the ‘normal eye’ like binocularly speaking? Dysfunctions of binocular vision including those of CI, CE, DE, amblyopia, strabismus, binocularity in ABI.

Learning Objectives:
The therapist would hopefully leave with a more in-depth understanding of binocularity and its role in human development, more complete understanding of the above-listed concepts.

About Linda Sanet, COVT
Linda Z. Sanet holds an A.S. degree in Art and Science from Westchester Community College and a B.A. degree in Philosophy (magna cum laude) from the College of Hofstra University. She was awarded a Certificate of Clinical Proficiency from the State University of New Yourk College of Optometry and Optometric Center of New York, and holds Certification as a Vision Therapist from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. She is a past Associate Director of the Optometiric Extension Program Foundation Division of Paraoptometrics, and served on the Editorial Bord of the Journal of Behavioral Optometry.
Linda has lectured both nationally and internationally, and her publications have been translated into Italian and Spanish. For 2 years she served as Professor of Vision Therapy at the Centro de Optometria Internacional, in Madrid, Spain, and has worked in the Vision Therapy Clinic at Domus Nova, Ravenna, Italy. She has serves as a volunteer and translator for the Healthy Athletes "Opening Eyes"
program of Special Olympics.
Linda has been awarded The Lora McGraw Award for Outstanding Achievement, Commitment, and Contribution to Developmental OptometryThe Jewel Young Award, and was the first recipient of the COVD Certified Optometric Vision Therapist of the Year Award. In 2007 she was awarded the COVD President’s Award. The Linda Sanet Award is presented yearly to an outstanding Vision Therapist in Mexico. The Robert and Linda Sanet SIODEC Award is presented bi-annually in Spain.

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