B-HRT Library Volume 6

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  1. Copying Nature Using Bio-Identical Hormones by Jonathan Wright, MD
  2. Hormone Myths vs. Medical Literature by Ron Rothenberg, MD
  3. Melatonin and DHEA by Ron Rothenberg, MD
  4. Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Male Menopause by Ron Rothenberg, MD
  5. Testosterone Therapeutics by Jonathan Wright, MD
  6. Secretagogues and Secretropin: Do They Really Work? by Mark Gordon, MD
  7. Start, Grow, or Join a Successful Anti-Aging Practice by Patrick Savage
  8. Thyroid Optomization by Ron Rothenberg, MD
  9. Lab Testing with Examples to Common Problems and Their Solutions by Jonathan Wright, MD
  10. Dosage Forms, Dosing, and Laws Related to Compounding by John Grasela, RPh
  11. How to Prescribe: The Nuts and Bolts of Anti-Aging Medicine by Ron Rothenberg, MD
  12. How to Open a Turn-Key Weight Management Practice by Kim Ruby, CN
  13. Female Hormone Replacement by Andrea Cole Raub, DO
  14. The Importance of Estriol by Jonathan Wright, MD
  15. Panel Discussion by Ron Rothenberg, MD; Andrea Cole Raub, DO; and Jonathan Wright, MD
  16. PMS and PCOS by Pamela Smith, MD, MPH
  17. Common Female Disorders by Pamela Smith, MD, MPH
  18. Hormones and the Heart by Ron Rothenberg, MD
  19. Insulin Resistance and the Prevention of Type II Diabetes by Jonathan Wright, MD
  20. Neurotransmitters and Their Role in Anti-Aging Medicine by Andrea Cole Raub, DO
  21. Reverse T3 (rT3) and Hypothyroidism by Jonathan Wright, MD
  22. Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency by Mark Gordon, MD
  23. Nutritents, Hormones and Healthy Aging by Jonathan Wright, MD
  24. Perspectives on Women's Hormone Replacement by Jonathan Wright, MD
  25. Tramatic Brain Injury and Hormone Dysfunction Syndrome by Mark Gordon, MD
  26. Vitamin D Deficiency and Pregnenolone by Ron Rothenberg, MD
  27. Diagnosis and Treatment of Adrenal Fatigue and The Adrenals, Glaucoma, and Hearing Loss by Jonathan Wright, MD
  28. Case Studies of Hormone Management Problems by Ron Rothenberg, MD and Kris Hart

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