The Importance of a Mind-Eye Connection by Deborah Zelinsky

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FREE LECTURE: Hospital In-Patient Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation by Marsha Benshir OD FNORA


This full-day advanced symposium presents the basic foundation for a 21st century optometric practice by learning how to stimulate neuroplasticity in a logical way. The format is an enjoyable, interactive hands-on immersion into how our optometric treatments affect posture (the “WHERE am I?” pathway) and body biochemistry (the “HOW am I?” pathway). When those pathway measurements are combined with our classic aiming (“WHERE is IT?”) and focusing (“WHAT is IT?”) pathways, sensory integration is enhanced. Overall emphasis is on actual cases rather than science, with the goal to have participants being able to evaluate patients in an expanded way the next day

Deborah Zelinsky, OD, FNORA, FCOVD

Deborah Zelinsky, OD, FNORA, FCOVD is an active member of the World Brain Mapping Foundation and a community leader for the Society for Neuroscience. She also is a member of the American Optometric Association, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. The past thirty years of her optometric career has been spent developing methods for assessment of brain function with emphasis on the often untested linkage between eyes and ears. The 21st century has technological advancements that encourage people to use peripheral eyesight differently than in the 19th century, when the concept of 20/20 measurements to standardize central eyesight was introduced. Dr. Zelinsky is currently spearheading a campaign to “Leave 20/20 in the 20th Century”, because it is no longer sufficient in lens prescribing. Her patented research in novel usages of retinal stimulation has been described in publications and courses worldwide. Currently, she is Director of Research at the newly formed Mind-Eye Institute.

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. Differential Diagnosis of Dizziness using Vestibular and Cerebellar Tests by Charles Plishka
  2. NORA General Session on Sports Vision Performance, Nutrition and Brain Injury, Concussion Care, and TBI
  3. Optometric and Physical Therapy Neuro-Rehabilitation to Rectify Body Self by Larry Wallace and Michal Niedzielski
  4. Resiliency Through Reconnections: Reflex Integration Following Brain Injury by Alex Andrich and Patti Andrich
  5. The Importance of a Mind-Eye Connection by Deborah Zelinsky
  6. Visual and Vestibular Dysfunction Following Concussion (mTBI) by Rebecca Bliss and Ashley Reddell

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