Thierry Hertoghe, MD Special Set


Hertoghe on DigiVision :: 53 Unique Lectures


  1. Introduction to Treating Adult Hormone Deficiency
  2. Testosterone: For Men and Women and Sexual Health
  3. Female Hormone Replacement
  4. Hormones and Coronary Heart Disease
  5. Prostate Hypertrophy
  6. Live Consultation
  7. Progesterone Therapy in Men
  8. Hormone Replacement in Children
  9. Insulin Hormones and Weight Management
  10. Erectile Dysfunction
  11. Review of the Clinical Signs of Endocrine Deficiencies
  12. Lab Testing Considerations
  13. The Scientific Data Behind Hypothyroidism
  14. Treating Testosterone Deficiencies
  15. Parathormone
  16. Live Diagnosis of Audience
  17. Introduction to Treating Adult Hormone Deficiency: Estrogen, Testosterone, IGF, Progesterone, and Cortisol
  18. Adult Growth Hormone Deficiencies Treatments
  19. Female Hormone Replacement: Importance of Estrogen and Progesterone in Treating the Menopausal and Postmenopausal Women
  20. Human Growth Hormone Treatment of Deficient Adults with Lab Tests within the Reference Range: The Scientific Evidence
  21. Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH)
  22. Thyroid Releasing Hormone: A Potent Anti-Aging Hormone, Particularly Against Neurodegenerative Disease
  23. Estradiol Deficiency in Men


  1. Eye Opener: Progesterone Therapy in Men
  2. Review of the Endocrine System
  3. Cortisone
  4. Thyroid Hormone
  5. Cholesterol Fat: Two Major Types
  6. Dyslipidemia and Hormone Deficiencies
  7. Dyslipidemia and Testosterone
  8. Dyslipidemia and Estrogens
  9. Dyslipidemia and Growth Hormone
  10. Dyslipidemia and DHEA
  11. DHEA Questions and Answers
  12. Carotid and Other Forms of Atherosclerosis
  13. DHEA and Testosterone and Adoine
  14. Estrogen and the Carotid Artery
  15. Stroke
  16. Stroke and Estrogen
  17. Estrogens in Women
  18. Tips on Cardiac Patients
  19. Adrenal Cortex Hormones and Heart Failure
  20. Toxic Drinks for Our Hormones
  21. Aesthetic Endocrinology and the Management of Obesity
  22. Diet, Anorexia, & Bulimia
  23. Practical Aspects of BHRT - Dr. Hertoghe & Ron Rothenberg MD
  24. Introduction to Treating Hormone Deficiency
  25. Adult Growth Deficiencies Treatments
  26. Cortisol Therapy
  27. How to Improve Hormone Levels by Positive Psychological Attitudes
  28. Testosterone – Andropause and Sexual Health
  29. DHEA: The Mother Hormone
  30. Cortisone
  31. Live Consultation

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