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Speaking to Patients by Linda Sanet and Robert Nurisio

This course will cover the intangibles of the Vision Therapy room beginning with communication styles (verbal and non-verbal) to ensure each and every patient is treated with mutual respect and dignity, regardless of their individual skill level – following the teachings of psychologists Haim Ginott and Carol Dweck. Teachings will include responses which encourage safety, cooperation, and discussion of other ideas. Emphasis will be given to the Locus of Control and how the understanding that each individual has the ability to control their own outcome. Applications and demonstrations will be a large portion of this course as audience participation will be both welcomed and encouraged as we offer first-hand experiences of the importance of acknowledgment and validation without judgment. Also covered will be the importance of good preparation for each patient and how this facilitates good communication. Other areas to be covered taking patients seriously vs. personally, managing the circumstances rather than reacting to the person, coaching parents through the Socratic method while offering support at home, as well as encouraging the audience members to offer challenging situations they have experienced where applying these methods may be useful.

Strabismus and Amblyopia by Angela Peddle and Leanna Dudley

This 2-day course will provide the attendees with a guide to the successful diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia and strabismus, including a discussion on lens prescribing and treatment techniques. A developmental treatment approach will be discussed, as well as research in this field, as well as alternative treatments. Hands on techniques and activities will be provided.

During Day 1, we will review visual development, neuroplasticity, as well as an in-depth evaluation into current thoughts on amblyopia diagnosis, prescribing, and treatment. This will include a detailed hands-on workshop of amblyopia vision therapy techniques, prescribing methods, and case reports.

Day 2 will begin with a discussion about the etiology of strabismus and explore a new treatment approach for esotropia with hand-on examination and therapy techniques. Sequencing vision therapy to maximize success for the patient will be addressed, with guidelines and treatment plans provided. We will finish the course on testing and treatment for exotropia with treatment guidelines and hands-on activities to gain optimal success. A discussion on vertical strabismus will conclude the course.

Acquired Brain Injury by Barry Tannen and Amy Chang

This course will introduce and provide an overview of the following aspects of Acquired Brain Injury: Pathomechanics, associated neurology, epidemiology, visual and behavioral consequences, the medical care system, and pertinent evidence-based medical literature. The presenters will also provide attendees with high-yield methodology and considerations for optimal optometric diagnosis, therapy and co-management for the ocular and neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy (NORT) for patients with ABI.

The entire General Education
  1. VDR Symposium - A Festschrift in Tribute to Jack Richman O.D., FAAO, FCOVD
  2. Localization: Neurological Process for Patients with Strabismus - Dr. Brenda Montecalvo
  3. Red is Where It Is At: Gaining Success with Amblyopia - Dr. Brenda Montecalvo
  4. Visual Motion and Vestibular Input are the Foundational Keys for Vision - Dr. Curt Baxstrom
  5. EpiGenetics: Vision, Lifestyle and Nutrition - Joseph N. Trachtman, OD, Ph.D.
  6. How to Successfully Prepare for a Deposition: From Examination Room to Courtroom - Dr. Joanna Carter
  7. Myopia and Light - Dr. Brenda Montecalvo
  8. Mirror Superimposition - Dr. Jen Simonson
  9. Frequently Asked Questions about Myopia Control - Dr. Sarah Singh
  10. Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury - Dr. Maria Santullo Richman
  11. Practice Management Pearls in Vision Therapy Useful and Smart Strategies before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic - Dr. Derek Tong
  12. Just Look Retinoscopy, Observing Patterns and Habits leading to Diagnosis and Prescribing - Dr. Glen Steele
  13. Genetics in Optometry - Dr.Jason Clopton
  14. How to Have a Successful VT Practice Throughout Your Career - Toni Bristol and Dr. Neil Draisin
  15. Optometric Phototherapy and the Reading Process - Dr. Robert Fox
  16. Outcome Measure in both mTBI and LD Graduated Cases in Visual Rehab Only Clinic - Dr. Patrick Quaid
  17. Just Look Retinoscopy LAB Workshop - Dr. Glen Steele with Dr. Kristin Adams Assisting
  18. The Unexpected Story: How Implementing The Diagnostic Tool Of VOMS Helped Me Be A Better Therapist And Clinician To All My Patients - Jessi Stevenson, COVT
  19. A Week in the Life of a Neuro-Optometrist - Dr. Cheryl Letheren
  20. What is your Agnosia? - Dr. Cheryl Letheren
  21. The (His)Story of Colored Overlays and Tinted Lenses for Reading Disability - Dr. Daniel Lack
  22. The Power of Visualization: Insight, Research and Effective Strategies - Dr. Lynn Hellerstein
  23. The Current State of Billing in a Vision Therapy Office - Dr. Harvey Richman
  24. Taking Your VT Practice To the Next Level - Toni Bristol and Dr. Neil Draisin
  25. Improving Diagnosis and Treatment using Multisensory information - Dr. Randy Schulman
  26. Balancing Act: Syntonics - Stephanie Ohrns BA, COVT
  27. My Approach To…

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