ACAM 2013 Palm Springs General Session

ACAM 2013 Palm Springs General Session - $199.00

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13 Lectures, 13.5 hrs

  1. A New Era for Chelation Therapy - Roy Heilbron, MD and Angelique Hart, MD
  2. Psychoneuroimmunology Clinical Application of an Emerging Field in Medicine - Elizabeth Stuller, MD
  3. Clinical Evidence to Support an Integrative Model of Cancer Care - Edgar D. Staren, MD, PhD, MBA
  4. Gene Variants and Heightened Susceptibility to Environmental Toxicants - David Quig, PhD
  5. Autoimmunities Associated with the Cross-Reactivity of Wheat, Milk and Human Tissue - Aristo Vojdani, PhD
  6. Genomic Changes Elicited by Natural Products that Enhance Cancer Sensitivity to Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy - Donald Braun, PhD
  7. Infections, Lipopolysaccharides and Cardiovascular Disease: Evaluating the Role of Infections in the Pathogenesis of Cardiovascular Diseases - Thomas Alexander, MD
  8. Advanced Nutrient Therapy for Behavior Disorders and ADHD - William J. Walsh, PhD
  9. Testosterone Deficiency in Young Men - Ty Vincent, MD
  10. Regenerative Medicine: The Next Frontier - Andre Terzic
  11. CYP1B1 and Salvestrols: Natural Defense Against Cancer - Michael Schachter, MD
  12. A Comprehensive Integrative Approach to ALS Lou Gehrig\'s Disease - Joe Wezensky, MD
  13. Glutathione and the Voice: Novel Uses of Glutathione for Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders - Ben Asher, MD, FACS

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This conference set includes Six sessions:

ACAM 2013 Palm Springs General Session (Above) – $199 Separately
ACAM Advanced Chelation Therapy Workshop – $199 Separately
ACAM Oncology Workshop – $199 Separately
Hormone Replacement Therapy Workshop – $149 Separately
Stem Cells Workshop – $99 Separately
Oxidative Therapy Workshop - $99 Separately

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