CBD, THC, and Cannabis Derived Therapies for Age Management Medicine

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  1. Scientific Rationale for the Use of Marijuana, CBD, and other Derivatives for Use as Clinical Applications by Derrick DeSilva, Jr, MD
  2. Role of DEA and FDA in Use of CBD and THC by Paul D. Werner, Esq
  3. Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, and Cannabinoids as a Treatment Option by Joseph Rosado, MD, MBA
  4. CBD for Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases by Soyona Rafatjah, MD
  5. Treating Osteoporosis with CBD Oil vs Vitamin D by Eric I. Mitchell, MD, MA, FACPE, CPE
  6. The Endocannabinoid System and Unique Female Issues by Felice L. Gersh, MD
  7. CBD and THC as a Treatment for Neurological Disease by Michael Lewis, MD, MPH, MBA, FACPM, FACN
  8. Full Spectrum Cannabis: Benefits Beyond THC and CBD by Betty Wedman-St. Louis, PhD, RD


Over the past decade, the medical use of marijuana, CBD, THC, and other derivates of cannabis has increased exponentially in the U.S. Well over half the states have enacted laws in some form to allow physicians to prescribe marijuana medically—and by 2021, all 50 states may have laws allowing medical marijuana in some capacity. AMMG takes no political position on such uses—we are medical educators. That said, it's clear a definite gap exists in medical education for physicians/healthcare professions who treat a rising patient base that is requesting or inquiring about medical marijuana for a gamut of disorders. AMMG stands in that gap to better educate and inform physicians so they are qualified to respond to this changing medical climate.

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. CBD, THC, and Cannabis Derived Therapies for Age Management Medicine
  2. Clinical Use of Peptides and Peptide Therapy
  3. General Session on Mood Disorders and Hormones, Sexual Health, Supplementation and Cognitive Health, Exosomes and Stem Cells, Genomics and Longevity and Obesity, Thyroid Health, Gut Health and Detoxification
  4. Getting Started in Age Management: Hormones, Supplements, Diagnosis and Prescribing, Fitness and Exercise, and Legal Compliance
  5. Practice Management Workshop

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