Core Issues in Hormone Replacement

AMMG Core Issues in Hormone Replacement Workshop - $199.00

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FREE LECTURE: The Etiology of Aging is Now Understood By Leonard Hayflick, PhD


10 Lectures, 8 hrs

  1. Sleep Quality and Inflammatory Biomarkers: What is the linkfor cardio-pulmonary disorders? Preetam Schramm, PhD, RPSGT
  2. Adrenal Fatigue – Myth or Mystery? Mark P. Menolascino, MD, MS
  3. What to do before Testosterone Replacement Therapy Rob Kominiarek, DO, FACOFP
  4. The Validity and Clinical Relevance of Testing Hormone Levelsby Serum, Saliva, Urine or Blood Spot Sonia Kapur, PhD, HCLD
  5. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Metrics andMethods of Administration Edwin N. Lee, MD, FACE
  6. Understanding the Root Cause of Aging Based on TelomerseActivation Science Ron Rothenberg, MD
  7. Hormones and Weight Management Nicloe M. McDermott, RPA-C, Florence Comite, MD
  8. Estrogen Metabolism and the Effects of Xenoestrogens Filomena F. Trindade, MD, MPH
  9. Update on Growth Hormone 2014 Mark L. Gordon, MD
  10. Safer Estrogen Metabolism: Looking Through New Eyes Christine Houghton, BSc, DC

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Inflammation and Aging – $199 Separately
Core Issues in Hormone Replacement – $199 Separately

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