Hormone Replacement Therapy Workshop

Hormone Replacement Therapy Workshop - $149.00

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11 Lectures, 2 Days / 11 hrs

  1. Introduction to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy - Ty Vincent, MD
  2. Clinical Use of Vitamin D - Ty Vincent, MD
  3. Male Hormone Replacement Therapy - Matthew Cavaiola, ND
  4. Pre-Menopausaul Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women - Ty Vincent, MD
  5. Post-Menopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women - Ty Vincent, MD
  6. Panel Discussion - Ty Vincent, MD and Matthew Cavaiola, ND
  7. Integrative Approach to Hypothyroidism - Ty Vincent, MD
  8. Adreanal Balancing and Neurotransmitters - Mattew Cavaiola, ND
  9. Clinical Uses of Melatonin and Oxytocin - Ty Vincent, MD
  10. Growth Hormone Replacement in Adults - Allen Green, MD
  11. Panel Discussion - Ty Vincent, MD; Matthew Cavaiola, ND; and Allen Green, MD

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This conference set includes Six sessions:

ACAM 2013 Palm Springs General Session – $199 Separately
ACAM Advanced Chelation Therapy Workshop – $199 Separately
ACAM Oncology Workshop – $199 Separately
Hormone Replacement Therapy Workshop (Above) – $149 Separately
Stem Cells Workshop – $99 Separately
Oxidative Therapy Workshop - $99 Separately

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