Regenerative Business Summit

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FREE LECTURE: Free AMMG Sample - The Etiology of Aging is Now Understood By Leonard Hayflick


  1. Welcome and Overview of MedFit and Regenerative Business Summit by J. R. Burgess, CEO
  2. Practicing Functional and Regenerative Medicine: Maximizing Clinical Outcomes (The CFAN Model) by Joel Baumgartner, MD
  3. The Future of Interventional Orthopedics and The Regenexx Difference by Chris Centeno, MD
  4. The Functional and Lifestyle Practice of Medicine by Sachin Patel, DC
  5. 5 Pillars of Practice Success by J. R. Burgess, CEO
  6. Clinical Applications of Nitric Oxide by Nathan S. Bryan, PhD
  7. Internal and External Branding for Massive Growth The Campfire Effect" by Chris Smith"
  8. Marketing Your Integrated Practice for Success by J. R. Burgess, CEO
  9. Publish and Profit by Mike Koenigs
  10. Online Lead Generation and Automation for Success by Garrett Ewers, Integration Director
  11. Facebook Ad Domination by Bret Gregory
  12. Maximizing Retention: Orientation and Onboarding by Emily Merten, CPO
  13. How to Use Testimonial Videos to Get Leads and Clients and Increase Conversions by Erik Rokeach
  14. Everyone is Talking About Nutrition, but Who is Measuring It? by LaTisha Taylor
  15. Billing and Coding in a Cash-Insurance Integrated Model by Kim Terhaar, RHIT, CPC, Medical Billing Specialist
  16. Developing a Marketing Plan that Increases Leads and Organizes your Company by Garrett Ewers, Integration Director
  17. Regenerative Sales and Communication Systems by Rob Okerlund, LPN
  18. Effective Management Practices: Accountability Systems by Emily Merten, CPO
  19. The Campfire Effect by Chris Smith
  20. Success Panel by J. R. Burgess, CEO
  21. Essentials of Entrepreneurial Success by J. R. Burgess, CEO
  22. Corrective Exercise to Maximize Patient Functionality by Evan Oscar, DC
  23. Steps to Add Medical Fitness to Change Healthcare by J. R. Burgess, CEO
  24. Medical Integrated Clinical Fitness Program in a Cash or Insurance Based Plan by Val Carlson, CNP; Britta Lundquist, RN; and Katie Lundquist, Fitness Advocate
  25. How to Build a Six-Figure Virtual Practice in Six Months by Dr. Matt Accurso
  26. The Business of Medical Integration and Long-Term Treatment Plans by Joel Baumgartner, MD
  27. The Business of Medical Integration and Long-Term Treatment Plans by J. R. Burgess, CEO

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. Cash Practice Success Summit
  2. Regenerative Business Summit

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