Clinical Use of Peptides and Peptide Therapy

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  1. Introduction to Peptides by Edwin N. Lee, MD, FACE
  2. BPC-157 for Healing Gastric Ulcers and Superior Healing of Tendinopathies by Rob Kominiarek, DO
  3. Questions and Answers by Rob Kominiarek, DO and Kathy O'Neil-Smith, MD
  4. Brain Health with Cerbolysin and other Peptides by Kathy O'Neil-Smith, MD
  5. Peptides to Increase Growth Hormone (CJC 1295, Ipamorelin, Tesamorelin, GHRP-6 and Others) by Edwin N. Lee, MD
  6. Peptides for Sleep, Improving Telomeres, Libido, Reproduction and Memory by Edwin N. Lee, MD
  7. Peptides in Cancer Management by Luis MartĂ­nez, MD, MPH
  8. Thymosin Peptides: Progressive Peptide Therapy by Kathy O'Neil-Smith, MD
  9. Peptides for Autoimmune Disease by Luis MartĂ­nez, MD, MPH
  10. Protecting Yourself in Age Management Medicine by Rob Kominiarek, DO
  11. Expert Panel Questions and Answers by Edwin N. Lee, MD; Kathy O'Neil-Smith, MD; Rob Kominiarek, DO; and Luis MartĂ­nez, MD


The use of Peptides and Peptide Therapies has experienced exponential growth over the past few years. Their uses range from impacting hormonal change, to antibiotic properties, to treatments for conditions of aging such as cancer, cardiovascular health, memory and brain health and sexual function. The AMMG educational mandate is to fill knowledge gaps, and our attendees have indicated that a focused track on peptides is essential to educate members and attendees on the science and clinical uses of peptides in an age management practice.

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. CBD, THC, and Cannabis Derived Therapies for Age Management Medicine
  2. Clinical Use of Peptides and Peptide Therapy
  3. General Session on Mood Disorders and Hormones, Sexual Health, Supplementation and Cognitive Health, Exosomes and Stem Cells, Genomics and Longevity and Obesity, Thyroid Health, Gut Health and Detoxification
  4. Getting Started in Age Management: Hormones, Supplements, Diagnosis and Prescribing, Fitness and Exercise, and Legal Compliance
  5. Practice Management Workshop

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