COVD Practice Management Education: Insurance and Practice Growth

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FREE LECTURE: Seeing the Light: Syntonics in the Treatment of Acquired Brain Injury by Robert S Fox, OD, FCOVD



  1. Insurance, Vision Therapy, and Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation by Harvey Richman, OD, FCOVD
    This course will cover the appropriate and not-so-appropriate coding choices for a vision therapy evaluation and in office therapy based on the joint AOA/COVD document.
  2. Boost Practice Growth Through Patient Adherence by Toni Bristol
    Treatment outcomes are influenced by a variety of different factors. Aside from the clinical aspects, patient adherence or compliance is vital when it comes to vision therapy. When you are working with pediatric patients, you are relying on the parents" overall understanding and compliance to ensure you achieve an excellent outcome.
    Non-compliance and poor adherence is not unique to VT and optometry, nearly 50% of patients with chronic diseases do not take their medications regularly.
    Over the past 30 years, Toni Bristol has been specializing in teaching VT-ODs how to educate their patients to ensure maximum compliance and optimum outcomes. She will be sharing common mistakes doctors and staff make when communicating with patients about Vision Therapy. She will also be presenting basic guidelines which are critical to patient adherence.
    This lecture is for doctors and vision therapists; this includes doctors who are new to the field, as well as those who have been providing this level of care for years.

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. Bridging Developmental Principles and Neurology of the Visual System for Better Patient Outcomes by Curtis Baxstrom, OD, and Jason Clopton, OD
  2. COVD General Session: Training for the optometric practitioner
  3. COVD Practice Management Education: Insurance and Practice Growth
  4. How to Incorporate Vision Therapy into a General Practice and PLAN for Success by Wanda Vaughn, OD
  5. Vision and Learning with a Perceptual Emphasis by Lynn Hellerstein, OD and Nancy Torgerson, OD
  6. Vision Therapist Education: Treating Stroke and Strabismus Patients

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