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Ozone Therapy Workshop with Silvia Menendez, PhD & Robert Rowen, MD - $149.00

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4 Lectures, 4 hrs

  1. Basic Aspects of Ozone Therapy in the Medical Field Silvia Menendez Cepero, MD
  2. Ozone Therapy in Diabetes: Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies Silvia Menendez Cepero, MD
  3. Ozone and Oxidation Therapies: The Ultimate Safe and Effective Antimicrobial Robert Rowan, MD
  4. Ozone Application Methods Silvia Menendez Cepero, MD


Silvia Menendez, PhD and Robert Rowen, MD lead the world in oxidation therapy. This oxidation seminar focuses on the use of ozone therapy for a wide variety of medical problems. The MOST important thing to healing anything is oxygen delivery and consumption, the basis of all cellular energy production. The seminar shows how and why a single specific therapy can assist in the healing of a rather wide variety of non-specific conditions, from circulation, to infection, to immune issues. The seminar also features a short segment on ozone's sister therapy - ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy.

Dr's Menendez and Rowen cover ozone's utility in circulation, immune disorders, dementia, pain, arthritis, macular degeneration and more. UBI is discussed similarly, but especially in relation to infection.

Viewers will discover that ozone is totally safe and can be extremely effective even when not administered parenterally, but rather by rectal insufflation. UBI is rather inexpensive to set up and easy to administer. Both are therapies that the physicians can do the next day.

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This conference set includes three sessions:

ACAM 2014 Las Vegas General Session "Intelligent Immunity" – $249
ACAM Ozone Therapy Workshop – $149
ACAM Environmental Medicine Workshop – $149

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