Foundational IV Nutrition Workshop Featuring Mitchell Ghen

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Central Drugs offers guidance to beginners who are starting IV Nutrition Therapy. This course is hands-on with practical suggestions on setting up your office, safety, legal concerns, and reviews many protocols.

In partnership with Mitchell Ghen, DO, PhD, Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy and Nayan Patel, PharmD presents our most popular workshop for Anti-aging professionals. Together we have helped hundreds of practitioners get started and add or develop profitable IV nutrition therapies to their existing practices. As one of the nation’s largest source of injectable compounded solutions serving more than 39 states, our team of clinical pharmacists share their expertise through our IV Nutrition Prescriber Success Program and consultations with our participating practitioners.


  • Safety
  • Osmolarity
  • Complications of General IV Therapies
  • Basic needs, preparation for office and patients, IV room set up, emergency needs
  • The ABCs of giving an IV
  • Cellular Nutrition
  • Hormone Equilibrium
  • Cellular Oxygenation
  • Energy Balance
  • Psycho-Social Spiritualization
  • The Anti-Aging Physician's Physical Exam
  • Toxins and Detoxification
  • Protocols: Meyers, Glutathione, Stress, and more
  • Logical approach to a case and case reviews
  • Krebs Cycle
  • Anti-virals, anti-bacterials, and anti-fungals
  • Immune support
  • Coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • Testing and lab work
  • Problems you may encounter
  • Legal aspects of IV therapy


  • Know when IV nutrition is useful for your patient
  • How to safely make and administer IV therapies
  • Knowledge of the basic components and which to use in specific conditions
  • Side effect recognition and the remedies
  • How to monitor and assess a patient's progress
  • Necessary equipment and nutraceuticals

Frequently asked questions about this course

  • Does this course come with a certificate?
    No, this course does not come with a certificate. Only the educational material is included. For more information please see our generic FAQ.
  • How old is this course?
    This course was recorded in July of 2017. It is still current and very relevant to the practice of IV Nutrient Therapy.
  • How do I get the videos?
    Like all of our video offerings, we have two delivery options. You can opt for online streaming or a USB stick. Make your selection via the dropdown box below the "Add to cart" button. For more information please see our generic FAQ.
  • Do you sell IV Nutrient Supplies.
    No, we do not sell any supplies of any kind. We only offer video training workshops and occasionally textbooks. If you need a good compounding pharmacy that can supply you with quality IV Nutrient items, we recommend Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy.

For practical and clinical training in IV Nutrition Therapy and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, look no further. The following courses sponsored by Central Drugs are excellent for:

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  • Specific protocols that make your patients better
  • Nurses looking to increase their knowledge on IV administration
  • Cases and pearls from decades of experience that make you a master clinician
  • Foundational IV Nutrition Workshop Featuring Mitchell Ghen - $349.00
  • Supplemental IV Nutrition Education: Osmolarity, Vitamin C, Cancer, and The Boutique Practice - $349.00
  • B-HRT Workshop Featuring Paul Savage and Nayan Patel vol. 2 - $299.00
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    Foundational IV Nutrition and B-HRT Workshop

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    Foundational IV Nutrition and Supplemental IV Education

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    Foundational IV Nutrition, B-HRT Workshop, and Supplemental IV Education

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