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  1. Sources of Exposure: Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Chromium, and Cadmium by Lyn Patrick, ND
  2. Biochemistry of Detoxification by David Quig, PhD
  3. Evaluation of Toxic Metal Exposure and Net Retention by David Quig, PhD
  4. Nutritional Support for Detoxification by Walter Crinnion, ND
  5. Biology of Detoxification by Jeffery Morrison, MD
  6. Legal Issues Regarding Chelation by Algis Augustine, Esq
  7. Expert Panel by Lyn Patrick, ND; David Quig, PhD; Walter Crinnion, ND; Jeffery Morrison, MD; and Algis Augustine, Esq
  8. DMSA and DMPS by Dan Carter, ND
  9. EDTA by Jeffery Morrison, MD
  10. Pediatrics: Identifying and Removing Toxic Metals in Clinical Practice by John Gannage, MD
  11. IV Therapy with Nutrition by W. A. Shrader


Toxic metal exposure is a major influence on health and longevity, but physicians and other health professionals are rarely educated in this area. They are often unaware of the latest scientific findings on toxic metal exposure and are therefore poorly prepared to advise their patients about sources of exposure and the possibility of toxic metal-related illnesses. Physicians often have little or no knowledge about utilizing diet and lifestyle modification as a treatment strategy in the management of metal toxicity.

Chronic degenerative disease and etiological link to the environmental exposure of toxic metals is validated in medical literature. As toxic metal exposure, in air, food, water and imported goods, becomes recognized and established as a cause of both acute and chronic disease, it has become more important for clinicians to be well informed about the exposure sources and effects of toxic metals. For example, risk for cardiovascular mortality events begin at a blood lead level well within the established normal reference range.

EDTA chelation therapy involves repeated administration of a synthetic amino acid to reduce vascular inflammation caused by specific toxic metals and to reduce the body burden of those metals in other organ systems. Its use for heart disease is being reviewed at an NCCAM funded multicenter clinical trial.

Your patients have a significant risk of developing heart disease during their lifetimes. With this knowledge, many patients are becoming interested and self educated in nonconventional treatment options that will prevent, augment or replace their current pharmacologic regimens. These patients want to work with the physician that is able to identify their risk for heart disease, recommend preventative nutritional suggestions and feel comfortable implementing a treatment strategy that is effective and safe.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identifying sources of toxic metals exposure.
  2. Understanding the biochemistry, pathophysiology, and detoxification systems involved in elimination of toxic metals.
  3. Using specific laboratory evaluation involved in working up toxic patients.
  4. Implementing nutritional supplementation to support detoxification.
  5. Supporting detoxification with the use of intravenous nutrients.

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