COVD Vision Therapy Education with Dr. Phil Bugaiski and Donna Osborne

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FREE LECTURE: Seeing the Light: Syntonics in the Treatment of Acquired Brain Injury by Robert S Fox, OD, FCOVD


About Dr. Phil Bugaiski, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Philip Bugaiski is a native of upstate New York, and first developed an interest in optometry as a result of childhood vision challenges which were treated with vision therapy. Graduating from Penn State with honors, he was awarded one of six national scholarships for optometry from the US Air Force. He received his optometric degree from State University of New York College of Optometry, was commissioned as an Air Force Captain, and served at Pope AFB, NC and Lakenheath RAF, England. With an honorable discharge, Dr. Bugaiski settled in Charlotte and founded The Developmental Vision Center in 2005. His practice specializes in Vision Development, Vision Therapy, Pediatric Optometry, Sports Vision Training, and Vision Rehabilitation. A second location was added in 2011. Out of the office, Dr. Bugaiski has served on various COVD committees, directs charitable vision missions to Mexico for Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity, and presents lectures and courses on a local, national and international level. He is active with his church, volunteering with the music ministry and homeless ministry. He also sings with the Oratorio Singers of Charlotte, the chorus of The Charlotte Symphony, and serves as a member of their
Board of Directors.

About Donna Osborne, COVT

Donna Osborne, COVT practices vision therapy in the offices of Philip Bugaiski, OD, FCOVD, in Charlotte, North Carolina. A vision therapist for 22 years, Donna received her certification in 1992. With a background in early childhood education, she has extensive experience with preschoolers and operated a preschool and day care center prior to becoming a vision therapist. Donna served as an AMERICORPS member for two years with Project H.E.A.L.T.H. in West Virginia providing work site wellness programs, organizing health fairs, and supervising School Based Health ventures which offered wellness exams, primary health care, and vision screenings to hundreds of public school children. Nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Body Work, Donna is also a Reiki Master with the Usui System of Natural Healing.

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. 42nd COVD General Education Lectures
  2. COVD Practice Management Workshop By Dr. Wanda Vaughn
  3. COVD Therapy Techniques By Dr. Maples and Dr. Peddle
  4. COVD Vision Development By Curtis Baxstrom, OD
  5. COVD Vision Therapy Education with Dr. Phil Bugaiski and Donna Osborne
  6. COVD Visual Information Processing By Dr. Robert Sanet

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