Central Drugs BHRT Workshop

BHRT Workshop featuring Chris Meletis and Naina Sachdev

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  1. Controlling the Global Downstream Impact of Stress Hormones by Chris D. Meletis, MD
  2. Functional Adrenal and Thyroid Replacement by Nayan Patel, PharmD
  3. Nutritional Supplements that Support and Improve Thyroid Health by Erik Lundquist, MD
  4. Adrenal Buffering for Menopause and Andropause by Chris D. Meletis, MD
  5. Men's Health Post Puberty by Nayan Patel, PharmD
  6. Why HRT and Anti-Aging Medicine (part 1 of 2) by Naina Sachdev, MD
  7. Why HRT and Anti-Aging Medicine (part 2 of 2) by Naina Sachdev, MD
  8. BHRT and Nutraceutical Considerations by Chris D. Meletis, MD
  9. Women's Early Years by Nayan Patel, PharmD
  10. Mitochondrial Performance: Essential for Hormonal and Organ Function by Chris D. Meletis, MD
  11. Pre-Post Reproductive Years: 'The Change' by Nayan Patel, PharmD


This is a comprehensive two-day workshop on Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy for practitioners who are ready to incorporate hormone therapies into their practice. This workshop will focus entirely on protocols, case studies, diagnostic issues, and the treatment of symptoms related to hormone deficiency or excess.

Course Objectives:

  • Female and Male BHRT Case Studies
  • Medication Therapy Protocols
  • Laboratory Testing and Interpretation
  • Nutritional Supplements complimenting BHRT

Chris Meletis, ND
Dr. Meletis is a nationally known Naturopathic expert on various topics including metabolic syndrome, women's health, cardiovascular health and herb/drug interactions. He currently serves as the Executive Director and Officer of Academic Affairs for the Institute of Healthy Aging (IHA). Dr.Meletis' extensive experience as a Dean and CM0 for the NCNM, the oldest four-year post baccalaureate school of naturopathic medicine, makes him uniquely qualified to empower and educate practitioners on the scientifically and clinically relevant steps essential to the healthy aging process.

Naina Sachdev, MD
Dr. Naina Sachdev of NAINAMD™ is Board Certified in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine and fellowship in Functional, Aesthetic and Stem Cell Medicine by the A4M Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. NAINAMD™ is a renowned national and international speaker on various topics of her integrative specialty, particularly in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, aesthetics and detoxification. For the past 15 yrs NAINAMD™ has focused on blending conventional medicine, nutrigenomics, biochemical and aesthetic disciplines to create customized regimens for her patients. These unique programs can deliver better health, an improved appearance from the inside out leading to an enhanced lifestyle, often dramatically transforming patients lives.

Nayan Patel, PharmD
Dr. Patel has been recognized as an expert in clinical pharmacy services since 1999. With his family's help, he has built Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy into one of the leading and fastest-growing compounding pharmacies in the United States. Dr. Patel is a frequent guest lecturer internationally on topics such as hormone replacement therapy, menopause and andropause, osteoporosis, breast cancer and IV nutrition therapies.

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