B-HRT Library Volume 1

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  1. Growth Hormone (GH) by Ron Rothenberg, MD
  2. Hormone Replacement for Women by Wendy Ellis, ND
  3. Hormones, Nutrients and the Challenges of the Aging by Jonathan Wright, MD
  4. Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine by Ron Rothenberg, MD
  5. Hormones and Pain by Ron Rothenberg, MD
  6. The Ins and Outs of Test Use by Jonathan Wright, MD and Wendy Ellis, ND
  7. Selected Literature Review by Wendy Ellis, ND
  8. Hormones and Coronary Heart Disease by Thierry Hertoghe, MD
  9. Breast Cancer Update and ways to Avoid It by Khalid Mahmud, MD, FACP
  10. Prostate Hypertrophy by Thierry Hertoghe, MD
  11. Live Consultation by Thierry Hertoghe, MD
  12. Progesterone Therapy in Men by Thierry Hertoghe, MD
  13. Hormone Replacement in Children (Abbridged) by Thierry Hertoghe, MD
  14. Insulin Hormones and Weight Management by Thierry Hertoghe, MD
  15. Adrenal Steroids by Jonathan Wright, MD
  16. Glaucoma and Adrenal Weakness by Jonathan Wright, MD
  17. Special Guest Suzanne Somers Speaks on Bio-Identical Hormones by
  18. Erectile Dysfunction by Thierry Hertoghe, MD

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  10. B-HRT Library Volume 10

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