Complex Case Studies and Discussion in Age Management Medicine

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  1. Healthy Longevity Precision Medicine Poster Child and The Complex Case by Francisco Carreno, PhD
  2. Precision Medicine, Hormone Optimization, and The Complex Case by L. Emma Brown, PA-C, MPT
  3. Flexible Dosing of Peptides in Complex Patient Cases by George C. Shapiro, MD
  4. An Integrative Nutrition Approach to Chronic Inflammation in the Complex Cancer Patient by Mark N. Mead, MSc
  5. Erectile Dysfunction: Exploring Multiple Etiologies and Treatment Strategies by Edwin N. Lee, MD
  6. When Brains Collide: The Intersection of Concussions and the Aging Brain by Michael Lewis, MD, MPH
  7. Fibromyalgia and Metallothionein Dysfunction by Dan C. Purser, MD
  8. Significantly Elevated Homocysteine Levels: Exploring Methylation Pathways and Treatment Strategies by Bhavesh K. Patel, MD
  9. MTHFR and Other Genetic Issues: A Cause for Unexplained Hypogonadism by Dan C. Purser, MD


This session is designed for clinicians currently practicing Age Management Medicine either full or part time who would benefit from in depth, interactive discussions of cases involving various areas and clinical aspects of Age Management Medicine. This session does not include didactic lecture but focus exclusively on case presentations and interactive discussions. Presenters provide a basic SOAP Note history of the patient case, and work through initial laboratory assessments, laboratory results, possible diagnoses, and development of an individual treatment plan of action.

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. 22nd AMMG General Session
  2. Fundamentals and Clinical Applications of IV Nutrition Therapy
  3. Complex Case Studies and Discussion in Age Management Medicine

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