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This quarter's topics are "VT and TBI" and "Sexual Health and Sports Injury".


  1. Vision Therapy 301: Visual-Perceptual Motor Information Processing and Integration (Part 1 of 10) by Thomas Headline, COVT and Julie Petteruto, COVT
  2. Brain Injury Diagnosing & Brain Injury Lens Prescribing by Robert S. Fox, OD
  3. Vision Education Advocacy: Helping Our Patients In and Out of the Classroom by Jennifer J. Kungle, OD
  4. How to Add a Concussion/mTBI Specialty to Your Optometric Vision Therapy Practice by Barry Tannen, OD

  5. Medicine
  6. Reversing Brain Damage and Cognitive dysfunction in Professional NFL Players by Kristen Willeumier, PhD
  7. Women's Sexual Health: Cutting Edge Issues by Anna Cabecca, DO
  8. Testosterone for Women by William Clearfield, DO, FAAMA, DABMA, FAARFM
  9. A Controlled Evaluation of the Ability of Non-Autologous Fibrin to Mechanically Repair Intra-Vertebral Discs by Kevin Pauza, MD

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