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DigiVision recorded the Integrative Medicine's New Landscape, the new 2015 conference by the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM). This conference set consists of three one day, pre-conference tracks plus a three day general session. Order now and it will ship out within a few business days.

Free DigiVision lecture: Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: Impaired Mitochondrial Function and Tumorigenesis

Item List (click to order separately):

  1. Advanced Chelation - $149 Separately
  2. Predictive Biomarkers: Implementing the New Standard - $149 Separately
  3. ACAM Boot Camp Series - $149 Separately
  4. General Session - "Integrative Medicine's New Landscape" - $199 Separately
  5. Applications of Nutrigenomics Evening Workshop - $49 Separately

DigiVision will be capturing every lecture at this amazing, high-value conference. ACAM’s leadership and the Education Committee have planned this meeting with your needs in mind. ACAM is proud to present a world class program which focuses on the relevant education you want while ensuring the content meets all of the sound scientific and peer-reviewed principles of good medicine. This year's new format - blending CME and non-CME lectures - is the balanced model we will work toward to guide ACAM in the future.

Among the three pre-conference tracks is ACAM's classic Chelation Therapy Training Program. A new full day track features Russell Jaffe: Predictive Biomarkers: Implementing the New Standard in Evidence based Personalized Medicine. Finally, ACAM is geared up to get you started in integrative medicine with the ACAM Boot Camp Series.

The second day begins the General Session. This year's program covers a variety of topics, just as vaccine safety, the microbiome, nutraceuticals and supplements, immunity, genomics and cancer, metobolism, CVD, epigenetics and hormones, and a current evaluation of the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT).

Following the general session is an evening workshop. Pauline Gee presents two hours on Applications of Nutrigenomics.

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