Regenerative and Cell Based Medicine

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  1. Stem Cell Basics: What is a Stem Cell? What Are The Possibilities and Different Stem Cell Sources: What Are They Each Good For? by Jamil Bashir, MD
  2. Regenerative Medicine for Immune Dysfunction & Chronic Illnesses by Dipnarine Maharaj, MB.ChB, MD, FRCP (Edin), FRCP (Glas), FRCPath, FACP
  3. The Regulatory Morass: Staying Safe by Andrew S. Ittleman, Esq
  4. Cardiac: Using Adipose Stem Cells by Leslie W. Miller, MD
  5. Orthopedic Use of Stem Cells: Registry Experience with 2,000 cases by Christopher Centeno, MD
  6. Microfat Grafting for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Application: Native Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) Graft Enrichment as a Viable Therapeutic Alternative in North America by Alan Yang Wu, MD, CTBS, FAACS, FACS
  7. Treatment of No-Option Chronic Limb Ischemia with a Concentrate of Autologous Bone Marrow Cells by David L. Harshfield, Jr., MD, MS
  8. Autologous Implant of Stem Cells in Different Diseases: Clinical Experience and Results by Augusto Brazzini, MD
  9. Panel Discussion with Questions and Answers

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. 18th AMMG General Session Videos
  2. Advanced Case Studies in Age Management Medicine
  3. Hormones, Nutrition, Detoxification, Mind, and Body, by Dr. Sangeeta Pati
  4. Regenerative and Cell Based Medicine

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