AMMG 2014 Hollywood Florida General Session

AMMG 2014 Hollywood Florida General Session - $249.00

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25 Lectures, 20 hrs

  1. Medical Literature that Challenges your Current Treatment Regimes - Neal Rouzier, MD
  2. Keynote Presentation: Testosterone Therapy in Men: Panacea, Scourge, or Simply the Next Big Thing in Medicine? - Abraham Morgentaler, MD, FACS
  3. The Truth About Statins - Derrick M. DeSilva, Jr, MD
  4. Treatment Registry Results of Stem Cell Injections in Orthopedics: Does Testosterone/Thyroid Supplementation Matter? - Christopher Centeno, MD
  5. To Test or Not to Test: The Use of Biological Markers and Laboratory-Based Testing in Clinical Psychiatric Syndromes - David J. Scheiderer, MD, MBA, DFAPA
  6. Physician Opportunities in Age Management Medicine: Your Path to a Successful Age Management Medicine Practice - John E. Adams, President and CEO, Cenegenics
  7. Starving Cancer Cells to Death - George W. Yu, MD
  8. Emerging Lifestyle Factors Predict Arterial Plaque Age and Arterial Plaque Regression - Steven C. Masley, MD, FAAFP, CNS, CCD, AC
  9. Late Breaking Clinical Trial Results of Adipose Derived Stem Cells in Congestive Heart Failure: The ANGEL Trial - Kristin Comella
  10. Protecting the Aging Brain: Functional Neurology for Better Balance, Memory and Cognition - Ellie W. Campbell, DO
  11. The Science of Secretagogues - Mark Gordon, MD
  12. Insulin Resistance - Jeffry S. Life, MD, PhD
  13. Why Men Fake It: A New Perspective on Men, Sex and Relationships - Abraham Morgentaler, MD, FACS
  14. A Literature Review of Importance of HRT in Preventing Breast Cancer - Neal Rouzier, MD
  15. Estrogen Dominance - Mark L. Gordon, MD
  16. ROEHR BioG MicroTabs: Personalized Nutrition in the 21st Century - Wolfgang Roehr, CEO, ROEHR Pharmaceuticals; Julian Blumenfeld, M.D., CMO, ROEHR Pharmaceuticals; and Florence Comite, MD
  17. Solving the Puzzle of Adrenal Fatigue: A 5-Point Framework: Hormones, Nutrients, Toxins, Mind and Body Balance - Sangeeta Pati, MD, FACOG
  18. The Problem of Gynocomastia in Age Management Medicine - John K. Crisler, DO
  19. Diabetes 3 (Alzheimer’s Disease): The Role of Insulin Resistance and Alzheimer’s Disease - Edwin N. Lee, MD, FACE
  20. The Peptide Revolution: Do We Still Need Hormones? - Luis Martinez-Rivera, MD, MPH
  21. The Secret Female Hormone: How Testosterone Replacement Can Change the Life of Female Patients - Kathy C. Maupin, MD, FACOG
  22. Multiple Endocrinopathy Syndrome: Concentration on Thyroid, Adrenal and Gonadal Diagnosis and Treatment - David S. Klein, MD, FACA, FACPM
  23. The Role of Myostatin Inhibition in Sarcopenia - George C. Shapiro, MD, FACC; Robert J. Hariri, MD, PhD; and Louis J. Aronne, MD, FACP
  24. Bone Density Reconditioning with Osteogenic Loading - John Jaquish, PhD
  25. Clinical Case Presentations in Age Management Medicine - Derrick M. DeSilva, Jr, MD; Florence Comite, MD; and Edwin N. Lee, MD, FACE

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AMMG 2014 Hollywood Florida General Session (Above) – $249 Separately
Obesity and Weight Loss for the Age Management Clinician – $199 Separately
Introduction to Age Management Medicine – $199 Separately
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