Work Opportunities

DigiVision Media is always happy to make new professional contacts with able videographers. We regularly work in Las Vegas and the Orlando area, and other metropolitan cities. If you are skilled in operating a video camera and a computer we may be interested in hiring you for our next conference. The work is easy and pays competitively. We value promptness, a positive and respectful attitude, a professional appearance, and a high dedication to the artistic/usability value of the video shot. Contact us if you are interested in any of the work opportunities below, or if you want us to add you to our network for when work is available.

Most of our work opportunities are simple cam operators for live conference events. We occasionally need you to bring your own cam and tripod. It's pretty easy work, with regular breaks, and often comes with free lunch and snacks. If you aren't already busy with something else, it's a great way to make some extra change.

Our upcoming 2023 work opportunities:

Multiple work-days in Toronto Canada. We've worked in many countries around the world, but this will be our first time in Canada. All pay numbers will be stated and agreed in USD. This is one of our biggest events of the year, so we will need multiple shooters for multiple days.

  • Toronto ON, CANADA, April 25 thru April 29 - Need all shooters to provide cam and tripod. This is simple lecture shooting. Speakers will be giving presentations to a live audience. Shooter must connect audio to his cam via XLR then connect the cam to provided laptop via HDMI or SDI, and then use the laptop to record. Regular breaks are given every few hours and long lunch in the middle. No post production needed. Pay ~ $375 per day, $200 per half day. Exact (remaining) needs are below. Any of your personal availability will be considered for hire; you do not need to be available for all times. These are call and wrap times. Shoot times are half hour after call, you may have to arrive a full hour early on your first day to be sure of the laptop software and set up.
    • April 25 - 2 shooters - 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM - Full day
    • April 26 - 2 shooters - 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM - Full day
    • April 27 - 2 shooters - 7:30 AM to 5:10 PM - Full day
    • April 27 - 1 shooters - 12:50 PM to 4:45 PM - Half day
    • April 28 - 2 shooters - 7:30 AM to 3:10 PM - Full day
    • April 29 - 2 shooters - 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM - Half day

When applying to work with us, please keep these things in mind.

Gear Stipulations. If you are providing any equipment while working with us, your gear must adhere to our needs:

  • When recording to our laptops: Your cams need to have HDMI or SDI output and XLR input. If you are providing a cam to record to our laptops, we will need to get your cam feed by either HDMI or SDI. We prefer HDMI and also prefer if you provide at least a five foot cable. If you cannot provide a cable that is not a deal breaker. We prefer if your cam can take XLR input for the audio. This is not a deal breaker if it cannot, but it is a major drawback. You do not need to provide audio cable.
  • True video cams over DSLRs: We will accept applications if your cam is a DSLR, but we do not prefer them. Color fidelity is often an issue, and if we need to record direct to cam, DSLRs typically have a 30 minute record maximum. We need true continuous record, which generates a single file or smooth transition multi-file, plus typical color fidelity. We will accept DSLR applications, but will hire video cam applications over DSLRs.
  • Minimum cam optical zoom of 18X: In conference settings we are sometimes many feet away from the subject, which requires a pretty high optical zoom to get a decent framing. We record in 1920x1080. This means that a partial digital zoom will be acceptable for 4K cams, depending on the exact technical way the digital zoom is attained (not all cams are equal in this).
  • Cam sensor performs well in low light: Conference settings often do not have dedicated lighting. As such, cams that perform well in low light will be prioritized over cams that do not perform well.
  • Smooth motion tripod is an absolute necessity (e.g. fluid head): Any pan or tilt actions must be performed as smoothly as possible. This is mostly a function of gear, not the operator.
  • Data copies: Format needs to be easily copied to a portable hard drive after shooting. Digital only, no tapes. We have standard SD card and USB connections and laptops. Anything else you will need to provide. We prefer to get the data on site, but will make exceptions for online delivery (eg dropbox) if necessary. This is not a concern when we record direct to our laptops

Dress code. Semi-casual. No jeans or tee-shirts. Slacks and polo shirt or better. Groomed hair and beards. No ball caps. Convention for this setting is all black, but any color is fine.

Promptness and preparedness. Any of your personal availability will be considered for hire for most jobs; you do not need to be available for all times that are listed for any particular event, and you may also apply to fill all times under your company name (making you a sub-producer who will manage other shooters). Times are posted in call and wrap times and are non-negotiable. Shoot times are half hour after call and cannot be missed. These are live events that will not wait for you. The half hour lead in is for you to set up your gear (if you are providing it), connect with the producer to learn the day's particulars, and situate yourself for the day's shoot. On your first day working an event for us, the producer may request that you arrive a full hour before shoot on your first day to learn our particular workflow, the recording laptop software, set up, etc.

Expenses. We will not cover any of your expenses to do this work. Exceptions can be made to cover 50% of parking, if total daily parking fee exceeds $15. Reimbursement will be added to your final check. Snacks and lunch are often included at events, but not always. Be prepared to provide for your needs.

Payment. You will be paid immediately by check after your last work day for the total owed, including any expense reimbursements. If you collect more than $300 in payments from us you must fill out this w9 form and return it to us before we can pay you.

How to apply. Chances are good we've already reached out to you because you have a well known presence in your home town and we have a particular job in mind for you. Just continue to communicate with us through that channel. If we haven't already connected, please contact us.