COVD 2007 Conference General Education Lectures and Joint COVD/OEP Symposium

COVD 2007 General Education Lectures and Joint COVD/OEP Symposium - $99.00

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DigiVision media is a revolutionary technology that Plays in Your Computer on a disc and is User Friendly. You will see and hear the speaker and at the same time the slides advance automatically. It allows you to Review the Slides at Your Pace by adjusting the play speed anywhere from half speed to double speed. You can also Save the Slides as a Picture. The most amazing feature is that you can Word Search the Entire Presentation. It Is Just Like Being At The Show!

Free DigiVision Lecture: 2012 COVD PR Update by Toni Bristol


2007 General Education Lectures on DigiVision :: 19 Lectures, 2 Full Days

Lecture List
1) Tenets of Behavioral Optometry - Sherman Arnold, OD
2) Near work- Induced Transient Myopia - Dr. Kenneth J. Ciuffreda
3) NITM and Permanent Myopia: Is There a link? - Dr. Kennith J. Ciuffreda
4) Optical Interventions: A New Approach - Dr. Earl L. Smith III
5) New Treatment Strategies for Myopia - Dr. Earl L. Smith III
6) Integration of Corneal Reshaping Pt 1of2 - Dr. Nicholas Despotidis
7) Integration of Corneal Reshaping Pt 2of2 - Dr. Nicholas Despotidis
8) Optimizing Visual Performance Through Vestibular Activation: An Occupational Therapist's Perspective - Mary Kawar, OT
9) The Pediatric Low Vision Examination - Dr. Paul Freeman
10) Positioning for Rotary Acceleration: Superior & Posterior SCC - Dr. Mary Kawar
11) Pediatric Low Vision Examination - Dr. Paul Freeman
Joint COVD/OEPF Symposium
1) Presenter Gary Etting, OD, FCOVD
2) Presenter Toni Bristol
3) Presenter Paul Harris, OD, FCOVD
4) Questions and Answers
Research Presentations
1) Use of the MIT in Strabismus Training - Samantha Slotnick, OD
2) Visual Field Defects in Pediatric Brain Injured Patients: A Review of Cases and Treatments - Marie I. Bodack, OD
3) How Do You Teach the Congenitally Blind to "See"? - Tressa F. Eubank, OD
4) Do Eye Movement Skills Correlate with Performance on a Near Number Copying Task? - Tomohito Okumura, MEd, FAAO

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Lecture Series: College of Optometrists in Vision Development
Lecture Year: 2007
Lecture Season:
Sku: COV-071W

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