3 day Age Management General session on Epigenetics, Cardiology, HRT, Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Sex

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FREE LECTURE: Free AMMG Sample - The Etiology of Aging is Now Understood By Leonard Hayflick


  1. Why we Need Growth Hormone and How to Manage Replacement by Mark L. Gordon, MD
  2. The Threat to Compounded Hormones by Michale “Mickey” Barber, MD
  3. The Endocrine and Neuroendocrine Laboratory of Age Management Medicine and Brain Trauma by Mark L. Gordon, MD
  4. Natural Aromatase Inhibitors by Derrick DeSilva, Jr., MD
  5. Testosterone Therapy in Men with Prostate Cancer: A Revolution in Understanding by Abraham Morgentaler, MD
  6. Down to the Roots: Pinpointing the Root Cause of SIBO by Devaki Lindsey Berkson, MA, DC
  7. Why Undergo Certification in Age Management Medicine by Derrick DeSilva, Jr., MD
  8. Post Finasteride Syndrome by William Clearfield, DO
  9. The Emergence of Epigenetic Methylation for Aging and Preventive Medicine Interventions by Luis MartĂ­nez, MD, MPH
  10. The Future of Cardiology: The End of the Coronary Artery Calcium Score; Using Artificial Intelligence Phenotyping of Coronary Arteries to get a Reversible Plaque Score by George Shapiro, MD
  11. Thrive with Oxygen: How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Promotes Cellular Repair by Dr. Olga Aguilera
  12. Food as Medicine by Arden Andersen, PhD, DO
  13. Food as Medicine: Updated Research on Carnosine, Beta-alanine by Jay R. Hoffman, PhD
  14. Evidence-based Review of the Impact of the Mediterranean Diet on Heart Health, Cognitive Function, Longevity and Weight Control by Steven C. Masley, MD
  15. Nutrition Controversies in Patient Care by Betty Wedman-St Louis, PhD
  16. Introducing the Ross Unit: Standardizing the Exosomes Industry by Duncan Ross, PhD
  17. Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics: How Environmental Factors and Nutrient Deficiencies Affect our Genetic Expression by Derrick DeSilva, Jr., MD
  18. Ketogenic Diets: Good or Bad? by Katrina J. Breece, MS
  19. Developing a Personalized Nutrition Plan: Epigenetics, Genetic Testing Integration with Correlated Health Factors and Patient Engagement by Galen M. Eversole, MD
  20. Age Management Medicine Clinical Recommendations for Diet and Weight Loss by Rob Kominiarek, DO
  21. Evidence Based Health Measures to Deal with Covid-19 Virus by Joseph E. Bosiljevac, Jr., MD, PhD
  22. Building and Judging Disease Targeted Designer Nutrigenomics that Work by Daniel Purser, MD
  23. Using Stem Cell Therapy to Reboot Cell Function and the Immune System by Joseph E. Bosiljevac, Jr., MD, PhD
  24. How, Why, When to Enter the Sexual Health Arena by Carolyn DeLucia, MD
  25. Using Genomics in Modern Medicine To Treat Complex and Refractory Cases by Eliot Dinetz, MD
  26. The Steroidogenic Pathway by William Clearfield, DO


This three-day general session promises to create a positive shift in your practice and your patient's health.

Get the latest research findings and eye-opening presentations to engaging, interactive panel discussions with experts to introduce and update physicians on the latest science-based clinical information and sophisticated clinical applications.

After watching this in-depth, four-day conference, you'll walk away with what you need to add this 21st-century medical specialty to your existing practice, or expand you current Age Management Medicine Practice.

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. 1 day Advanced B-HRT Workshop
  2. 3 day Age Management General session on Epigenetics, Cardiology, HRT, Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Sex

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