AMMG 2010 Spring General Session

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22 Lectures, 3 Full Days

  1. Hormones and Cancer: Which Cause it and which Don't - Neal Rouzier, MD
  2. Evidence Based Integrative Medicine Protocols in an Age Management Medicine Practice - Robert D. Willix, Jr., MD, FACSM
  3. Telomeres, DNA Resonance, Nanotechnology, and Longevity - C. Normand Shealy, PhD
  4. Stress, Mind/Body Medicine, and the Reversal of Memory Loss - Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD
  5. Physician Opportunities in Age Management Medicine - John E. Adams, Cenegenics CEO
  6. A Pandemic of Vitamin D Deficiency - Winter Kipgen, MD
  7. Depression and Fatigue and Nutritional Biochemistry - Andrea Girman, MD, MPH
  8. Probiotics - Derrick Desilva, Jr., MD
  9. Testing and Treating the Gut-Immune System - Todd R. LePine, MD
  10. The Stress Connection - Eldred Taylor, MD
  11. Healthcare Reform: The Impact on Age Management - John Adams, MBA, CPA
  12. Treatment Options for HPA Dysregulation and Adrenal Gland Dysfunction - Lena D. Edwards, MD, FAARFM
  13. Clinical Treatment Options for Andropause - Jeffery S. Life, MD, PhD
  14. Latest Aspects of GHRH and Ghrelin Analogs (Secretagogues) and their use in Holistic Medicine - Richard Walker, PhD, RPh
  15. The Clinical Use of Testosterone in Women - Neal Rouzier, MD
  16. Testosterone and the Relationship to Cardiovascular Disease - Ernst R. von Schwartz, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, FSCAI
  17. Telomere Biology: The Emerging Paradigm Shift - Noel Thomas Patton, Founder and Chairman of Telomerase Activation Sciences
  18. Managing the Age-Related Loss of Pulmonary Function: Extending Life by Expanding Lungs - Al Sears, MD
  19. How to Identify Biomarkers of Heart Disease and Diabetes and Reduce Risk with Lifestyle Changes - Sanjay Kapur, PhD, MBA
  20. Herbals for Sexual Medicine - Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG
  21. How to Diagnose and Treat Sexual Dysfuncion - Daniel Laury, MD, FACOG
  22. Is There an Upper Limit to Human Longevity? - L. Stephen Coles, MD, PhD

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Lecture Series: Age Management Medicine Group
Lecture Year: 2010
Lecture Season: Spring
Sku: AMG-101W

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