Advances in Integrative Medicine

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  1. The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT): Connection Silos of Scientific Information by Tony Gervasio Lamas, MD
  2. The Far Reached of the Microbiome: Novel Treatments of Chronic Disease by Raphael Kellman, MD
  3. Personalized Use of Nutraceuticals and Supplements for Treating Obesity by Stephen Petteruti, DO
  4. Predictive Biomarkers of Immune Function (part 1) by Russell Jaffe, MD
  5. Predictive Biomarkers of Immune Function (part 2) by Russell Jaffe, MD
  6. Genomics, Immunology and Big Data in Personalized Cancer Care by Oscar Streeter, MD
  7. Cancer as a Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease: Implications for Novel Therapeutics by Tom Seyfried, PhD
  8. HPA Axis Function and Dysfunction: Metabolic Consequences and Clinical Challenges (part 1) by Thomas Guilliams, MD
  9. HPA Axis Function and Dysfunction: Metabolic Consequences and Clinical Challenges (part 2) by Thomas Guilliams, MD
  10. Personalizing the Integrative Management of Coronary Artery Disease by Martin Milner, ND
  11. Epigenetic Influences on Estrogen Metabolism and other Hormones by Jennifer Landa, MD
  12. Preconception, Pregnancy and Infancy Influence on Brain and Immune Outcomes: Autism and Beyond by Martha Herbert, MD
  13. Genomics, Informatics and Functional Medicine by Andreas Kogelnik, MD, PhD
  14. Nutrigenomics in Action by Pauline Gee, PhD

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  1. Advances in Integrative Medicine

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