This is probably the best research the combination of acetyl-L-carnitine and propionyl-L-carnitine. 120 patients randomised into three groups, six month study 66 years of age me. Group one gets testosterone, group two gets the combination of these two L-carnitines the propionyl and the acetyl-L. Yeah same study, 120 patients six months and there is citation if anyone wants to look it up, oh there was a placebo group. So 40 patients per group.Now how did they judge this thing? Believe it or not they used something called the International Index of Erectile Function. Did you know there was Now how did they judge this thing? Believe it or not they used something called the International Index of Erectile Function. Did you know there was a International Index of Erectile Function? Can you imagine some guy standing around comparing to the International Index? I had never heard of it before I read about this, thinking, ‘Wow, there’s an International Index wow’, you know I bet they use that a lot at the Pentagon and other places like that you know comparing their International Indexes. But it’s a long questionnaire plus some physical signs and so forth. Okay, now the testosterone, obviously increased the total in free testosterone better than the carnitines and better than the placebo, it’s likely to do that, none of them increased the PSA, prostate volume went up a little with the testosterone, but look at these results, nocturnal penile tumescence better with the carnitines than with this stuff, how’s that happen? Well that’s what the research showed. Wasn’t any good at all with the placebo and it was better than International Index thing it was better with the carnitines than with the placebo, wow, and there’s no testosterone in acetyl-L-carnitine and propionyl-L-carnitine none zero. Okay and then they did the other comparisons here systolic velocity and velocity and so forth and the carnitines did as good as the testosterone, they didn’t do better and the placebo did nothing. Testosterone proved effective for as long as they were administered with suspension, suspension yeah okay don’t take it, provoking a reverse of the baseline levels, negligible side effects. Conclusion, testosterone and especially carnitines proved to be active quote ‘drugs’ unquote. Now there’s where we’re mainstreaming it; testosterone’s not a drug, carnitines aren’t drugs, they’ve proved to be active stuff, active natural substances for the treatment for the therapy of symptoms associated with male aging. Okay the other study here, carnitine versus treatment of sexual dysfunction, depressed mood and fatigue associated with male aging. Oh I’m sorry, that was the name of the study I was just showing you. Now the next study this one, these guys have had radical retropubic prostatectomy; the first group no prostate surgery no nothing they just couldn’t compare to national indexes, these guys had all had surgery and they gave everybody Viagra. There’s our citation on this one. Okay now here, there’s our silly old International Index again and there’s the satisfaction and sexual wellbeing and orgasm. The Viagra scored positive in all cases, they added the L-carnitines to it and it was even better. So somehow it gets Viagra to work even better on all these indexes even though there’s no testosterone in this stuff. Some more data and one again when you add carnitines to Viagra it functions better. Sexual behaviour interviews revealed that 2 of 29 in group one, that’s the placebo group, 28 of 32 in group two, that’s the Viagra plus carnitines group, and 20 of 39 in group 3 attained satisfactory intercourse. So propionyl-L-carnitine acetyl-L-carnitine proved to be safe and effective in improving the efficacy of Viagra. Okay, and it also works by itself as you showed, or as it was shown there. To purchase this entire lecture series, click here.