Optometric Management of Concussion in Athletes by Kristine Dalton, OD, MSc, PhD

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The incidence of concussions due to sports and other causes are dramatically increasing. It is estimated that between 60-90% of patients with concussion or traumatic brain injury experience visual symptoms. Furthermore, the presence of vision problems, such as accommodation, vergence, and oculomotor deficits, following injury have been found to be predictive of prolonged concussion recovery. However, oculovisual assessments are often not included as part of routine care for these individuals.

This talk will discuss the current optometric assessment and management of concussion-associated vision disorders, with a specific emphasis on concussion management in athletes. In addition to the management of concussion-associated vision disorders in athletes, the talk will explore some of the other unique challenges athletes with concussion face, both during their rehabilitation and when they return to sport.


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