Nutritional Synergy for Maximizing Performance and Protection: The Retina - Brain Connection by James M. Stringham, Ph.D

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Most nutrients are used throughout the body and generally do not accumulate in specific tissues. This is not true of the macular carotenoids lutein (L), zeaxanthin (Z), and meso-zeaxanthin (MZ), or the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. Major target tissues for these nutrients include the retina and brain, where they can accumulate in very high concentrations.

Obviously, these structures are necessary for vision and cognition, and the fact that the body concentrates these specific nutrients in the retina and brain suggests that L, Z, MZ, and DHA are crucially important to these abilities. Indeed, several studies have characterized beneficial visual and cognitive effects, both in terms of health and performance, for relatively high concentrations of these special nutrients.

The catch? The body does not synthesize its own L, Z, MZ, and DHA, they need to be consumed in the diet or obtained via supplementation. This presentation will characterize both unique and synergistic effects of these special nutrients, including benefits to health (antioxidant / anti-inflammatory), performance (contrast sensitivity, visual processing speed, vision in glare, eye-hand coordination / timing), and protection (against visible short-wave radiation, and traumatic brain injury).


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