How Quiet Eye Training Can Alleviate the YIPS by Joan Vickers, PhD

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One of the most devastating things that can happen to an elite athlete is the YIPS. The YIPS afflicts elite athletes in golf, gymnastics, darts, cricket, tennis and many other sports. They suffer from a loss of fine motor control, extreme anxiety, freezing and the inability to perform well known skills. Golfers can no longer execute short putts, gymnasts like Simone Biles can no longer complete rotations, tennis player can't execute serves, baseball players can no longer throw the ball accurately. In her presentation D. Vickers will introduce the quiet eye and quiet eye training using examples from well known sports. She will then describe her recent quiet eye training experiences with an LPGA golfer who has been able to overcome the YIPS and continue competing at the highest level. Current research underlying the causes of the YIPS and how establishing a new neural network that includes the use of the quiet eye will be presented.


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