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See the summary of the 2009 conference by Anthony Komaroff on DigiVision now. (Works best with Windows Internet Explorer or Mac Safari)


Professional Session On DiGiVision

  1. Plenary Session: Gammaretroviruses of Mice and Their Links to Prostate Cancer and CFS/ME - Christine Kozak, PhD

Virology Research Session

  1. Blood XMRV Scientific Research Working Group - Graham Simmons, PhD
  2. Detection Of Anti-XMRV Antibodies In Serum of CFS Patients and Healthy Blood Donors in Belgium - Kenny De Meirleir, MD
  3. Detection of MLV-like Gag Sequences in Blood and Cell Lines Incubated With Plasma From CFS Patients and Controls - Maureen Hanson, PhD
  4. Chronic Fatigue, Nonrestorative sleep, Musculoskeletal Pain, and Depression in a Disabled Cohort of Survivors of Acute SARS Viral Disease - Harvey Moldofsky, MD, DipPsych, FRCPC, FAPA
  5. Questions and Answers for Virology Research Session - Panel Discussion

Virology Research and Review Session

  1. The Role of the Immune Response in Chronic Fatigue - Jose Montoya, PhD
  2. The Case for Human Gamma Retroviruses (HGRV) in CFS/ME - Judy Mikovits
  3. The Case for Human Gamma Retroviruses (HGRV) in CFS/ME - John Coffin

Treatment Advances Session

  1. Health/Performance and Response Status of XMRV/pMRV Antibody Positive vs. Negative CFS Subjects in a Phase III Clinical Trial - David R. Strayer, MD
  2. Rifampin Aguments the Effects of Oxymatrine Equilibrant (oxm/equi) in Patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/CFS - John K. Chia, MD
  3. Randomized Trial of Self Management: Intervention for CFS - Fred Friedberg
  4. Questions and Answers for Treatment Advances Session - Panel Discussion

Fibromyalgia: Are Tender Points Necessary? Session

  1. Proposal to Reclassify Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Marlie Silverman
  2. Tender Points are Important - Roland Staud, MD
  3. Tender Points are Unnecessary - Daniel J. Clauw, MD
  4. Questions and Answers for Tender Points Session - Panel Discussion
  5. Diagnosing CFS/ME: Difficult Clinical Cases - Charles Lapp, MD; Lucinda Bateman, MD; Rosamund Vallings, MNZM; and Derek Enlander, MD
  6. Questions and Answers for Diagnosing CFS/ME Session - Panel Discussion

Case Definitions for Research and Practice

  1. Pathways to Pathogenesis - Elizabeth R. Unger, PhD, MD
  2. Contrasting Case Definations - Leonard A. Jason, PhD
  3. The New International Consensus Criteria for ME - Bruce M. Carruthers, MD
  4. Questions and Answers for Case Definitions Session - Panel Discussion

Identifying Abnormalities in CFS/ME: The Importance of Exercise Challenge

  1. The Importance of Exercise Challenge - Christopher Snell, PhD
  2. Exercise Testing to Quantify Effects of Fatigue on Functional Capacity in Patients with CFS - Betsy A. Keller, PhD
  3. Questions and Answers for Identifying Abnormalities in CFS/ME: 

The Importance of Exercise Challenge Session - Panel Discussion
The Latest Research in Immunology

  1. Disparities in Innate and Adaptive Immune Cells & Longitudinal Assessment of Adaptive Immune Regulation - Ekua W. Brenu, PhD candidate
  2. Promoter DNA Methylation and Expression of Perforin - Virginia Falkenberg
  3. Questions and Answers for Immunology Session - Panel Discussion

New Developments in Pediatric ME/CFS

  1. Linking Lymphocyte Metabolites with Clinical Course in Post-Infectious Fatigue - Gordon Broderick, PhD
  2. A Trial for Prevention of CFS Onset form the View Point of Sleep Issue - Terusha Miike, MD, PhD
  3. Therapeutic Outcome by Two Month Intensive Sleep Wake Circadian Rythm Treatments in Japanese Children and Adolescents - Seiki Tahima, MD
  4. The Natural History of CFS in Young People - Katherine S. Rowe, MD, MBBS
  5. Questions and Answers for Pediatric ME/CFS Session - Panel Discussion

New Developments in Epidemiology

  1. Natural History - Leonard Jason, PhD
  2. CFS Knowledge and Illness Management Behavior - Elizabeth Unger, MD
  3. Profile of the Patient with CFS - Jose Alegre, MD
  4. Questions and Answers for Epidemiology Session - Panel Discussion
  5. Keynote Lecture: Ten Important Facts Derived from ME/CFS History and That Can Impove ME/CFS Research - Byron M. Hyde, MD

Research Developments in Genomics and Genetics

  1. Expression Patterns of miRNA's in Lymphocytes - Ekua Brenu, PhD Candidate
  2. Pathway Focused Gentic Evaluation of Immune and Imflammation Related Genes in CFS - Mangalathu S. Rajeevan, PhD
  3. Gene Expression of Sensory Ion Channels, Adrenegic Receptors and Cytokines - Lucinda Bateman, MD
  4. Gene Exposure Interactions in the Etiology of Gulf War Illness: Evidence of Increased Vulnerability to Neurotoxicants - Lea Steele, PhD
  5. Comparing Gene Expression Patterns in CFS and GWI Using the Kerr ME/ CFS Platform - Lina Garcia, MD
  6. Questions and Answers for Research Developments in 

Genomics and Genetics Session - Panel Discussion
Advnaces in Brain and Neuroendocrine Functioning

  1. Regional Grey and White Matter Volumetric Changes in CFS: A Voxel Based Morphometry 3T MRI Study - I. H. Treasaden, MB, BS
  2. Evidence for Reduced Aldosterone in Persons with CFS - Roumiana S. Boneva, MD, PhD
  3. Interactions of Self and Illness Related Cognitive Processing in the Right Anterior Insula of CFS Patients: An fMRI Study - Andrew H. Miller, MD
  4. Decreased Basal Ganglia Activation in CFS Subjects in Associated with Increased Fatigue - Andrew H. Miller, MD
  5. Assessment of Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in CFS Using Arterial Spin Labeling MRI - Jonathan P. Dyke, PhD
  6. IACFS/ME Clinical Practice Manual: Developing a New Primer - Panel
  7. Summary of the Conference - Anthony L. Komaroff, MD

Patient's Session

  1. How I Help CFS/ME Patients in Canada - Byron Hyde, MD
  2. New Developments in Possible Causes of ME/CFS - Anthony L. Komaroff, MD
  3. Non-Pharmacological Interventions - Leonard A. Jason, PhD
  4. What Helps People Cope with ME/CFS - Fred Friedberg, PhD
  5. Fibromyalgia: Current Status - Roland Staud, MD
  6. Legal Aspects of Disability - Hugh R. Scher
  7. Latest Research on the Pathophysiology of ME/CFS - Nancy G. Klimas, MD
  8. Translating Scientific Research into Patient Care - Annette Whittemore
  9. Effective Management of Activity Intolerance - Staci R. Stevens, MA
  10. Tools to Stop Crashing, Start Pacing and Planning Your Health - Allison Bested, MD
  11. Differentiating ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia from Psychiatric Disorders - Eleanor Stein, MD
  12. Advocacy (ME/FM Action Network) - Lydia Neilson
  13. Questions and Answers - Panel Discussion

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Lecture Series: International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Lecture Year: 2011
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