COVD 2010 Conference General Education and Joint COVD/OEP Lectures

COVD 2010 General Education Lectures and Joint COVD/OEP Symposium - $149.00

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Free DigiVision Lecture: 2012 COVD PR Update by Toni Bristol


2010 General Education Lectures on DigiVision :: 13 Lectures, 2 Full Days

Lecture List

  1. Joint COVD/OEP Practice Management Symposium - Toni Bristol
  2. Joint COVD/OEP Practice Management Symposium - Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD and Ruth Villeneuve
  3. Visual Evoked Potential Eveidence that Magno-parvocullular Integration Training Causes Neural Reorganization in Reading Disable Children - John Shelley-Tremblay
  4. Objective Measurements of Reading Speed and Efficiency Improve In Children following Vision Therapy: A Retrospective Analysis - Noah Tannen and Barry Tannen, OD
  5. InfantSeeÆ: New Insight Into the Overall Vision Health of Infants in the USA - Mark Schwatz, MPH
  6. Vergence Stress Significantly Affects Reading Rate - Dr. Maureen Powers
  7. Brain Mechanisms in Vision Attention - Michael Early, OD
  8. Clinical Discussion Forum: Using Lenses to Improve Visual Attention when Reading - Kellye Knueppel, OD and Dr. Brenda H. Montecalvo, OD
  9. Sports Vision - Dr. Graham Erickson
  10. Neuroplasticity and Vision Therapy - Dr. Susan R. Barry
  11. Confusion Inside PanumĂ­s AreaĂłBinocular Dysfunction, Assessment, and Intervention - Dr. Paul Lederer
  12. Correlation Between Accommodation and Symptoms when Accommodations Measured Objectively - Dr. Eric Borsting
  13. Panel Session: Clinical Pearls in Correlating Ocular Motor Test Results, Signs, and Symptoms - Dr. Leonard Press, Moderator; Dr. Kara Heying, Dr. Sue Lowe, Dr. Eric Borsting, and Dr. Paul Lederer

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Lecture Series: College of Optometrists in Vision Development
Lecture Year: 2010
Lecture Season:
Sku: COV-101W

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