ARP Biohacking Workshop

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FREE VIDEO: Regenerative Medicine: The Future of Medicine is Here by Kristin Comella


  1. Medical Freedom by Lori Gregory
  2. The Latest in Live Cell Therapy: Orthoregenesis, Neuroregenesis, Opticregenesis, Sexual regenesis, and Beyond by AJ Farshchian, MD
  3. Biohacking Neurologic Diseases by Rosemary Daly, DO
  4. Questions and Answers by AJ Farschchian, MD and Rosemary Daly, DO
  5. DAOM: Biohacking your Limbic System by George Love
  6. Alternative Therapies in Regenerative Medicine to Impact your Outcomes and Profits by JR Burgess
  7. My Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma by Dominc Brandy, MD
  8. Keeping Patients Healthy while Travelling: An Integrative Approach to Food Allergies, Environmental Sensitivities, and Sleep Issues by Elizabeth Trattner
  9. How Stem Cells Changed My Life by Leigh Valentine
  10. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) by Robert A. Shumway, MD
  11. Hacking your People Puzzle by Angela Golden Bryan
  12. Questions and Answers by Dominic Brandy, MD; Robert A. Shumway, MD; George Love; and Elizabeth Trattner
  13. Measles: Fact and Fiction by Andy Wakefield, MD
  14. Secrets of Superhuman Health by Anthony Diclementi
  15. 361 Regulatory Considerations: Predictive Biotech Perspectives by Timothy W. Lacy, MD
  16. Proven Secrets Successful Practices Use to Boost Cash Revenues by Mark White
  17. Questions and Answers by Andy Wakefield, MD; Anthony Diclementi; Timothy Lacy, MD; and Mark White
  18. Information Science and Regenerative Medicine by Elliot Lander, MD
  19. Pathways for Cellular, Neurologic, and Liver Detoxification by Christopher Shade, PhD
  20. Does the Stem Cell Environment Matter by Tami Meraglia, MD
  21. Questions and Answers by Elliot Lander, MD; Christopher Shade, PhD; and Tami Meraglia, MD
  22. Hydrogen: A Biologically Regenerative Molecule with Clinical Application by Tyler LeBaron
  23. Regenerative Marketing Secrets: How to Establish your Authority and Grow your Practice on Autopilot by Alex Rodriguez and Scott Theaman
  24. Connecting the Genomic Dots: How to Incorporate Nutritional Genomics in Treatment Modalities for your Clients and Patients by Meryl Brandwein, RD/LDN
  25. Diabetic Charcot Foot Syndrome: A Case Study of Limb Salvage Using Adipose Tissue Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction by Sunny Kim, MD
  26. Questions and Answers by Tyler LeBaron; Meryl Brandwein; and Sunny Kim, MD
  27. Myelopoeisis: A Key Player in Neuronoal Immune Health Modulated by Cannabinoids by Judy Mikovits, PhD
  28. Breaking Free of the Human Zoo by Michelle Norris
  29. The Erectus Shot Technique by Carlos Mercado, MD
  30. Strategies to Optimize Regenerative Medicine Outcomes: The Role of Nitric Oxide by Nathan Bryan, PhD
  31. Questions and Answers by Judy Mikovits, PhD; Michelle Norris; Carlos Mercado, MD; and Nathan Bryan, PhD
  32. Research in Applied Integrative Biophysics by Sandra Rose Michael, DNM, PhD
  33. A Rejuvenation Protocol for Cancer Patients and How Detoxification and Regeneration Before Administration of Stem Cells and Bioidentical Hormones Yields the Best Results by Victor A. Marcial-Vega, MD
  34. Who Owns My Stem Cells? A Legal and Regulatory Update by Kristin Comella, PhD
  35. Guest Speaker Roger Stone

The Stem Cell Triad - $449.00

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  1. ARP Biohacking Workshop - $449.00
  2. Hands-on Stem Cell Training Workshop Volume 2 - $299.00
  3. Stem Cell and Cell Therapy Medical Lectures - $199.00

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