AMMG 2011 Spring General Sesssion

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25 Lectures, Three Full Days

  1. My Top 25 Most Controversial Questions and Answers Surrounding Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy - Neal Rouzier, MD
  2. Men’s Sexual Health - Jeffry Life, MD, PhD
  3. The New Sexual  Revolution: Stem Cells,  Neuroimaging, Gene Therapy, and Tissue Regeneration - Kenneth Janson, MD, FACS
  4. Beyond Testosterone: Progesterone for Men…Youth’s Best Kept Secret - Jay H Mead, MD, FASCP
  5. Physician Opportunities in Age Management Medicine: Your Path to a Successful Age Management Medicine Practice - John E. Adams, Cenegenics President and Chief Executive Officer
  6. Inflammation in Breast Cancer - Eldred Taylor, MD
  7. Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Exercise Tests: Physiologic Evaluations - Robert Willix, Jr, MD
  8. The Impact of Inner Human Dynamics in Age Management - Soeresh Gobardhan, MD
  9. Chronic Inflammation - Julie A. McCallen, MD
  10. Aging Of The Heart: Can We Prevent It? - Enst R. von Schwarz, MD, PhD
  11. Case Study: A Successful Age Management Practice - Jerry Fortunato, MBA
  12. Women's Sexual Health - Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG
  13. Integrative Therapies Effective in Menopausal Women - Christopher G. Rao, MD, FAAFP 
  14. Hormone Allergy:  Blocking Hormone Antibodies Raises Blood Levels of Testosterone, Estradiol and T-3 - Russell Roby, JD, MD
  15. Neurotransmitters and Neuropetides Nutrogenomic Modulation of Obesity and Comportamental Modifications Associated to Endemic Pathological Aging (senility) - Efrain Olszewer, MD
  16. A Literature Review that Provides Evidence for Optimization of Hormones - Neal Rouzier, MD
  17. A Neuro-Endocrine Approach to Managing Depression and Anxiety: Functional Testing and Nutraceutical Therapy Provides Options to Pharmaceutical Treatment - R.W. “Chip” Watkins, MD, MPH, FAAFP
  18. The Use of Complementary and Alternative Methods in the Treatment of Breast Cancer - Joseph E. Bosiljevac, MD, PhD, FACS
  19. The Vitamin E Controversy - Derrick M. DeSilva, Jr, MD
  20. An Introduction to Stem Cells: Basic Use and Terminology - James P. Watson, MD
  21. An Overview of Conditions Treated with Stem Cells - Christopher Centeno, MD
  22. An Overview of Cosmetic Applications of Stem Cells - Ricardo L. Rodriquez, MD
  23. The Future of Cell Based Medicine: Adjudicating Severe Adverse Events - David Audley
  24. A Vision for 2011 for Age Management Medicine and Stem Cell Therapies - Robert Willix, Jr, MD
  25. The Compression of Morbidity in the Oldest Old - L. Stephen Coles, MD, PhD

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Lecture Series: Age Management Medicine Group
Lecture Year: 2011
Lecture Season: Spring
Sku: AMG-111W

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