AMMG 2011 Fall General Session on Women's and Cardiac Health

AMMG 2011 Fall General Session on Women's and Cardiac Health on DigiVision - $199.00

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25 Lectures, 3 Full Days

  1. Are You Treating Hormone Patients Correctly - Neal Rouzier, MD
  2. Breast Health - Joseph McWherter, MD
  3. The Impacts of Geneticsand Enviorment on Weight Loss Resistance - JJ Virgin, PhD
  4. Intializing Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women - Neal Rouzier, MD
  5. Physician Opportunities in Age Management Medicine - John E. Adams, MD
  6. The Use of Testosterone in Women - Rebecca L. Glaser, MD
  7. Nutrition for Menopausal Women - Andrea Girmen, MD
  8. Hormone Symphony - Angeli Maun Akey, MD
  9. Addressing Complications in Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women - Edwin N. Lee, MD
  10. Case Presentation and Panal Discussion - Joseph McWherter, MD; Neal Rouzier, MD; Rebecca L. Glaser, MD; Andrea Girman, MD; Angeli Maun Akey, MD; and Edwin N. Lee, MD 
  11. Innovations in Cardiac Disease - George Shapiro, MD
  12. Cardiac Nutrients: The Aging Heart - Derrick M. Desilvia, Jr. , MD
  13. Sleep Apnea: The Not so Silent Killer - Raymond Ishman, MD
  14. Hormone and the Relationship to Cardiac Health and Treatment - Ernst R. Von Schwarz
  15. Mind Body Medicine to Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease - Robert Willix, Jr., MD
  16. Big G Microtabs Ingredients for Personalized Nutrition and Health - Derik M. Desilva, MD
  17. The Cardiovascular Conspiracy - Jeffery Life, MD, PhD
  18. Detecting Risk of Cardiovascular Disease - Florence Comite, MD
  19. Cellular Mechanisms for the Anti - Inflammatoryeffects of Exercise - Jeffery P. Leake, MD, CPT
  20. Stem Cells and Cardiac Health - Ernst R. Von Schwarz, MD, PhD
  21. Assesing and Improving Immune System Aging in Clinical Practice: An Evidence - Based Approach - Joseph M. Raffaele, MD
  22. Telomeres: Understanding why we Age - Earl H. Eye, MD
  23. Protecting Your Brain and Keeping it Supple: Nutrients, Herbs, Nootropics, and Mind-Body Practices - Richard P. Brown, MD
  24. Aging, Arthritis, Algos (Pain) - V.R. Karuparthy, MD
  25. Update on Supercentenarian Longevity - L. Stephen Coles, MD, PhD

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Lecture Series: Age Management Medicine Group
Lecture Year: 2011
Lecture Season: Fall
Sku: AMG-112W

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