Environmental Influences on the Brain and Nervous System

Environmental Influences on the Brain and Nervous System - $249.00

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18 Lectures, 14 hrs

  1. Air Pollution and Your Brain: The Bad and The Ugly – Lilian Calderon-Carciduenas, MD
  2. From Provocation Neutralization of Foods to Cytokine Mediated Immunity – Richard Jaeckle, MD, FAAEM
  3. Living Life to the Fullest: Dietary Effects on Neurotransmitters, Depression and Anxiety – Tomas O’Bryan, DC
  4. Excessive NMDA Activityand Chronic Diseases – Martin Pall, PhD
  5. Breath Analysis in the Chemically Sensitive Patient – William J. Rae, MD, FAAEM
  6. Agents that Lower Elements of the NO/ONOO Cycle: Promise and Challenge – Martin Pall, PhD
  7. Neurocognitive and Personality/Behavioral Concomitants of Neurotxic Exposer and Enviromental Illness – Nancy Didriksen, PhD
  8. What’s Gotten into Us: Our 75 year love Affair with Synthetic Chemicals – McKay Jenkins, PhD
  9. Neurologic and Neuropsychiathic Syndrome Features of Mold and Mycotoxin Exposure – L.D. Empting. MD
  10. Mold: The 21st Century Challenge – Allen D. Lieberman, MD, FAAEM
  11. Addressing the Cause of Anxiety and Panic in Mold Toxic Patients – Lisa Nagy, MD
  12. Psychiatric Consequences of Flouride Overexposer – Phyliss J. Mullenix, PhD
  13. The Harmful and Beneficial Effects of Electromagnetic Exposer – Magda Havas, PhD
  14. Enviromental Medicine and Disorders Affecting the Nervous System – Allen D Lieberman, MD, FAAEM
  15. Genetic Susceptibility to chemical Toxins and Xenobiotics: SNPs and POPs – Robin Bernhoft, MD, FAAEM
  16. Enviromental and Ortomolecular Approach for the Treatment of Depression – Kalpana Patel, MD, FAAEM
  17. The Sensory Afferent Spinal Nerves Combined with the Sympathetic Nerves Responses to Enviromental Treatment – William J. Rae, MD, FAAEM
  18. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Inhalational Therapy – Jean A Monro, MB BS, FAAEM

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Environmental Influences on the Brain and Nervous System (Above) – $249 Spearately
Nutritional Support for Endogenous Detoxification – $149 Spearately
LDA: Ultra Low Dose Enzyme Activated Immunotherapy – $99 Spearately

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