AAEM Electromagnetic Frequency Hypersensitivity

AAEM Electromagnetic Frequency Hypersensitivity - $149.00

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12 Lecture, 6 hrs

  1. Double Blind Provocation of EMF Sensitivity in a Controlled Environment - William Rea, MD
  2. Electrosmog and Electrosensitivity: What Doctors Need to Know to Help their Patients - Magda Havas, PhD
  3. Mechanisms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity - Martin L. Pall, PhD
  4. EMF Hypersensitivity and Biotoxin Mycotoxin Part 1 - Kalpana D. Patel, MD, FAAEM
  5. Panel Discussion - William J. Rea, MD, FAAEM; Magda Havas, PhD; Martin L. Pall; and Kalpana D. Patel, MD, FAAEM
  6. Recognizing Oral Galvanism Dysautonomia and their Relationship to EMF Sensitivity - Lisa Nagy, MD, FAAEM
  7. Electromagnetic Techniques to Assess Health and to Promote Healing - Magda Havas, PhD
  8. EMF Hypersensitivity and Biotoxin Mycotoxin Part 2 - Kalpana D. Patel, MD, FAAEM
  9. EMF Avoidance and Treatment - William J. Rea, MD, FAAEM
  10. Electrical Sensitivity from Psychiatric Literature - Lisa Nagy, MD
  11. Electromagnetic Sensitivity: Concerns about the Safety of Solar Photovoltaics Due to Generations of High Levels of Dirty Electricity - Martin L. Pall, PhD
  12. Panel Discussion - Lisa Nagy, MD, FAAEM; Magda Havas, PhD; Kalpana Patel, MD; William J. Rea, MD, FAAEM; and Martin L. Pall

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AAEM Chronic Disease General Session – $199 Spearately
AAEM Electromagnetic Frequency Hypersensitivity (Above) – $149 Spearately
AAEM Mycotoxicity (Mold Toxins) Workshop – $149 Spearately
AAEM Lyme Disease And Tick Borne Illness Workshop – $149 Spearately

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