AAEM 2009 Ultra Low Dose Enzyme Activated Immunotherapy

Ultra Low Dose Enzyme Activated Immunotherapy Workshop by Butch Shrader on DigiVision - $99.00

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DiGiVision media is a revolutionary technology that Plays in Your Computer on a disc and is User Friendly. You will see and hear the speaker and at the same time the slides advance automatically. It allows you to Review the Slides at Your Pace by adjusting the play speed anywhere from half speed to double speed. You can also Save the Slides as a Picture. The most amazing feature is that you can Word Search the Entire Presentation. It Is Just Like Being At The Show!


2009 Dr. W. A. Shrader LDA Workshop on DigiVision :: Half Day

Learn how to treat complex inflammatory disorders, autoimmune diseases and allergies, including asthma, eczema, IBS, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, interstitial cystitis and a multitude of others disorders with a definitive immunotherapy given only once every two months. LDA requires no testing and you can start it as soon as you get home!

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Inflammation and Autoimmunity Scientific Program on DigiVision – $199 Separately

Lecture Series: American Academy of Environmental Medicine
Lecture Year: 2009
Lecture Season: Annual Conference
Sku: AEM-095WSS1