Inflammation and Autoimmunity

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20 Lectures, 3 Full Days Plus LDA workshop

The purpose of this conference is to educate all health care practitioners about the true causes and effects and new treatments available for the rapidly emerging crisis of inflammation and autoimmunity. Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases have escalated dramatically in modern times. Most current treatments for these disorders primarily involve drugs that suppress the symptoms. A quickly growing body of scientific evidence has revealed how many important inflammatory and autoimmune diseases are caused by man's interaction with the environment, both internally and externally. At the AAEM, we understand this interaction. We can provide you with the answers you need and new insights that will open the door to newer and more effective, specific, cause-oriented, and preventive treatment for most of these conditions.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) was founded in 1965 by a group of clinicians from various specialties who banded together and formed a medical society that has evolved into the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

The mission of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine is to promote optimal health through prevention, and safe and effective treatment of the causes of illness by supporting physicians and other professionals in serving the public through education about the interaction between humans and their environment.

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Inflammation and Autoimmunity Scientific Program on DigiVision - $199 Separately

Ultra Low Dose Enzyme Activated Immunotherapy by Butch Shrader, MD on DigiVision – $99.00 Separately

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Lecture Series: American Academy of Environmental Medicine
Lecture Year: 2009
Lecture Season: Annual Conference
Sku: AEM-095W

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