ARP Practical Stem Cells Training Workshop Volume 2

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FREE LECTURE: Free AMMG Sample - The Etiology of Aging is Now Understood By Leonard Hayflick


  1. Boston Biolife: Translating Science into Medicine (Translational Medicine) by Joseph Krieger, MA
  2. Point of Care SVF Deployment: The CSN Experience by Mark Berman, MD
  3. Stem Cell Regenerative Applications for Orthopedics by Jerry Leon, MD
  4. Regenerative Orthopedics: Pearls and Pitfalls by Scott Greenberg, MD
  5. Questions and Answers by Mark Berman, MD; Jerry Leon, MD; and Scott Greenberg, MD
  6. Preliminary Data: Safety and Effectiveness of Combination Cell Therapy on Function and Pain Associated with Osteoarthritis by Kevin Darr, MD
  7. Stromal Vascular Fraction in Urology by Elliot Lander, MD
  8. Autologous Cellular Immunotherapy for Cancer by Luis Martinez, MD
  9. Questions and Answers by Kevin Darr, MD; Elliot Lander, MD; and Luis Martinez, MD
  10. The Future of Medicine is here: Regenerative Therapies by Kristin Comella, MS
  11. Stem Cell Clinics Abroad by Todd Malan, MD
  12. The Use of Cellular Medicine in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease by Mel Propis, MD
  13. A Multidisciplinary Holistic Approach to Regenerative Medicine by Sean McDonald, MD
  14. Stem Cells for ED: Intracavernosal Injection Technique (The Erectus Shot) by Carlos Mercado, MD
  15. Effects of PRP and Stem Cell Injections by Joseph Purita, MD
  16. Regenerative Devices, Present and Future by Allen Wu, MD
  17. Bringing New Technologies to Patients by William P. Murphy Jr., MD
  18. Patient Testimonials
  19. MSK Ultrasound Guided Hydrodissection of Lower Extremity Peripheral Nerves Using Platelet Rich Plasma by Jeimylo Castro, MD
  20. Fibronectin-Aggrecan Complex (FAC) as a Predictor of Back Pain Relief After Intradiscal Injection of on Autologous Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M) Concentrate by Gaetano Scuderi, MD
  21. Adipose Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction: The Pathway to the Clinic by Stuart Williams, PhD
  22. Telomere Biology in Health and Aging by Bill Andrews, PhD
  23. 27 Years Experience with Stem Cell Regeneration of Organs and Tissues by Howard Leonhardt
  24. Questions and Answers by Stuart Williams, PhD; Bill Andrews, PhD; and Howard Leonhardt


The goal of this conference is to give you the tools necessary to implement regenerative medicine into your practice. The field of Regenerative Medicine is expanding at an exponential rate. Participants will receive a comprehensive review of cellular medicine and current techniques in the clinic. Participants will learn various cellular types and protocols for applying these to patients in the clinic for many different indications.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the available research on regenerative treatments
  • Explain the biology of proper healing and the disease processes that impede proper healing
  • Compare different cell types and explain the differences
  • Determine appropriate patient candidacy for stem cell treatments
  • Perform and evaluate platelet rich plasma for musculoskeletal tissues
  • Propose how stem cell therapies can be integrated into treatment protocols to enhance healing and affect chronic pain conditions
  • Assess several regenerative medicine solutions for treating chronic pain
  • Describe regulatory environment of platelet rich plasma and autologous stem cell therapies

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