IV Nutrition Pro Kit - Available This Week Only

We love IV Nutrition. It's one of the easiest modalities to add to your practice and can offer your patients so much. We have a few workshops and even a textbook designed to get you started and advance your already existing IV practice, but they are all bundled here for the first time, and at a super price. This bundle won't be available after this Cyber Monday sale. Delivered on a shipped USB and included online access*.

Regularly $999

Only $799 - Buy Now

Check out the workshop list:

  1. Foundational IV Nutrition Workshop Featuring Mitchell Ghen - $349.00
  2. Supplemental IV Nutrition Education: Osmolarity, Vitamin C, Cancer, and The Boutique Practice - $349.00
  3. IV Nutrition Textbook - $99.00
  4. IV Nutrient Therapies for Age Management Medicine - $249.00

* The video content will be loaded onto a USB drive and shipped to you. The Textbook will be shipped to you. The included online access will only include the above workshops list, and it will not include any digitized version of the Textbook. Future videos are not included.