From here forward, DigiVision content will be available for online viewing.

You just can't stop the DigiVision Machine. In a personal company record, we managed to return home from a conference last Saturday night, then had all the content edited, uploaded, and available for online viewing by the following Wednesday Morning!

This kind of turnaround is unparalleled in the industry, and DigiVision's clients and customers deserve nothing but the best. We're proud to say that when we call ourselves the best, it's not just puffery.

And if this wasn't impressive enough, this news comes hand-in-hand with the announcement of the DigiVision online content access portal. That's right, from here forward, DigiVision content will be available for online viewing. You just purchase it normally from the site, then login with the directions from your email receipt, then view the lectures. Pricing will remain unaffected, however, content access does expire. But we understand you need to access some content far into the future, so we offer generous renewal options. Our current terms of use allow you unfettered access for one full year to all purchases from the time of your most recent purchase. If you make less than one purchase a year, the renewal fee for all your previous purchases is only $20. This fee represents the real ongoing costs of hosting lectures online; it is basically at cost.

Some of the benefits of online content viewing are:

  • Access via devices without a disc drive.
  • Mobile access, such as iPad or smart phone.
  • Ease of access. No fiddling with discs; just login.
  • No lost or broken discs.
  • All your content is always with you.

Going forward, all new DigiVision content will be made available for online access. And more and more of our past content will be made available weekly. Keep your eyes out for our communications, or signup to receive our newsletter, to be notified as new content becomes available. If you've been a long time customer and content you've purchased is now available online, you will not be given access automatically. You must request it. Please contact us to be given online access.

We want to hear from you. If you have concerns or suggestions, please contact us.